Monday, February 9, 2015

Prophecy in the News : Prophetic Piracy

The promotion of Masonry is so apparent in TBN broadcasting you just have to laugh . Recently both the new host , Kevin Clarkson , and his guest Gary Frazier , gesture Masonic signals as Mr. Frazier's new prophecy book is hawked . The glaring Masonic signal is that of the 33rd degree Mason Harry Truman's picture highlighted with the demonic number 33 alongside it .( Satan hoodwinked one third of the angels to join him . ) This library prohibits me from posting pictures any more in my blogs . At my earliest convenience I'll take my usual 60 mile round trip jaunt to a library which will hopefully enable me to upload the pictures . Mr. Frazier 's witches' pyramid is well formed , with thumbs straight at the pyramid's base . He forms more than one of these and several devil hands during this book promotion . The host makes at least one Billy Graham's Mummy's Ghost signals with thumbs up and perpendicular to the four fingers held tightly together .

I have to laugh at Gary Frazier's promotion of a socialist " Progressive Illumination " or , " Progressive Revelation . " He, and all of TBN broadcasting spread Alice Bailey's mantra that " the reappearance of the CHRIST is imminent " when major signs have not yet occurred . It's going to take much more work by the United Nations' groups of new world servers to syncretize all the world's religions so that they readily accept the Noahide headed gestating sophistry which will culminate in the Jewish antichrist longed for by B'nai B'rith and Western Masonry . Mr. Frazier , as have others , dogmatically asserts that technology exists that can enable everyone in the world to receive the submissive Chipson's thorn . His promotion of a false " Rapture " has lulled many into a false sense of security for well over 100 years .  His progressive Christianity is obvious .
The absence of the syncretization of the world's religions is a major factor regarding his false teaching . Diversity is still great , and anyone with common sense can see that it is going to take a while for the world to collectively ,( and incorrectly ) , concede that the one who will precede Christ in a temple not yet rebuilt is God . Perhaps it will take one or more hundred years . Will the world's oil supply be nearly totally drained , so much that those 200 million marauding Asian hippies on horseback who will attack Jerusalem need to ride ponies because that of necessity the world had become Gorbachev Green ? A computer chip is not necessary in the future for total control . It takes a village , wherein the " sustainable " judge may rule . It is logical that Revelation's locusts may be helicopters needing fuel of some kind . But these prophets are leading people astray .Prophecy in the News is nothing but a false flag , as is all of TBN .

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