Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Case Against Trinity Broadcasting Network

Trinity Broadcasting Network's first baby steps were those of stumbling upon the Penetcostal rock of offense upon which falling headlong all Paul Crouch's bowels gushed out . His promotion of Kabbalistic practices and heresies resulted in the esoteric pandemic begun long ago by those whose intent it was to supplant Christianity with occult esoteric Christianity .

For over five years I have fairly well exposed TBN's diabolical practice of it's staff , partners and guests forming various Kabbalistic gestures by posting them on blogs and uploading them on YouTube .

Had I the financial wherewithal I would have offered finders' fees for complete copies of programs in which those gestures were made , ensuring their authenticity , and providing thousands more images of Kabbalistic signalling .

The obvious and purposeful single middle finger gestures , such as were formed by Billy Graham in his 1982 Boise , Idaho crusade , and in his 1984 Anchorage Alaska crusade , and in his 1986 Washington D.C. crusade would have netted $1,000.00 . I loaded still pics of these on blogs . Putting portions of their formations on YouTube should have lent more credibility to those blogs . Dozens of other TBN personalities made the same middle finger gesture , and many of those pics I placed on blogs and on YouTube .

$500.00 would have been granted to providers of TBN pics of the fairly common simultaneous double middle fingers to the signaller's own temples . More than likely this has been a Kabbalistic suggestion regarding the importance of building the third Jewish temple , using each hand's third digit , while simultaneously blaspheming the God who made them .

The easily identifiable and all-too-common witches' pyramid , ( the Birkat Kohanim ; a Kabbalistic curse , and not a blessing ) , would have mustered $250.00 . Billy Graham was infamous for forming these during his sermons , and many of them are posted on my blogs and on YouTube . His " Mummy's Ghost , with fingertips touching each other and thumbs up and perpendicular to them , looking as devil's horns , would have levied $200.00 . Various forms of that are exemplary of Kabbalism's "One New Man" within the new Federalism's "One New Humanity ". This signifies the anticipated merger of B'nai B'rith and Western Masonry .
The Kabbalistic " goddess " pose with arms placed in an " X " fashion across the chest would have yielded $150.00 each . Kabbalism's " god " pose with arms crossed in " X " fashion and clenched fists would have yielded $100.00 each , because , as the devil hand , they were so numerous .
There are dozens more poses and signs I have not articulated which would have been worth only $25.00 each only because they were so abundant .

TBN's backdrops and sets were , and still are , peppered with variations of Masonry's " circle within the square " , the pentagram , the pyramid , and other occult references . Masonry's goatee was often sported by males usually dressed in black , the Jewish color of mourning . Many made sure a gold ring worn on their middle finger was seen . The common man or woman doesn't wear a ring on his middle finger , but many witches do .

TBN's JUCE , ( Just Undermine Christ's Efforts ) ,music videos were , and still are , similarly Kabbalistic , expressing worldliness , sensuality , anger , rage , witchcraft and violence , seeming to be purposely trying to bring shame to the name of Christ .

After years of randomly watching TBN's adult programming I turned my attention to the same esoteric nature of its children's programming . Those programs are training future witches .
It seems pointless to continue posting Kabbalistic images promoted by TBN . Assuredly their occult practice will continue . Hopefully, by now , I have exposed enough of TBN's sophistry to enable curious doubters to reach the same conclusions I have , as have many others ; that the Trinity Broadcasting Network is leading the unwary to hell through its love of Kabbalism . God gave them up to their own lusts and they walked in their own counsels. They have taken crafty counsel against thy people and consulted against thy hidden ones . These are they that do evil with both hands earnestly . They will be snared in the work of their own hands .

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