Saturday, February 14, 2015

The United Fates of America : United They Stand , United They Fall

Fate was a Greek and Roman myth regarding the concept of an allotment , ( moira , moros , aisa ) , made to an individual either by the gods together or by Zeus alone . It is mentioned in the Iliad and the Odyssey . Some believed in a " moira " or fate for entire nations . There were three fates whose names were ; Clotho , ( or Spinner ) , who managed the thread of life ; Lach esis measured it and determined the length of each individual's life or decided his or her fate or destiny ; Atropos severed it or cut off the thread of life . These were the three goddesses of " Destiny ." In Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress the old man at the foot of the hill of difficulty was named Adam the First . He dwelt in the town of deceit whose work was many delights . He offered that Christian be his heir , proffering for free his three daughters ; the lust of the flesh , the lust of the eyes , and the pride of life suggesting that marriage to them all would enable Christian to become a god , as Masons and witches aspire to become .

It has been claimed that America's " Manifest Destiny " had been spun and woven by the Greek goddess of Truth and Wisdom , Pallas Athene , memorialized atop the capitiol dome . " Manifest Destiny " was the occultist Francis Bacon's hope for America . His New Atlantis would ultimately unite the goddess " Earth " with the prince of this world . Manifest means readily perceived by the eye or the understanding . Kabbalists and Masons , destitute of the truth , hoping to develop a third eye , were spiritual tailors who helped Athena's and Lady Liberty's robes to be woven by Clotho .

Repeatedly , Israel was chastened by God for her idolatrous practice of witchcraft , the world's current and future religion . Athena's child , the New Atlantis , wears a homespun cannabinoid figleaf of Fate , woven by Kabbalists who have happily left it hanging by a thread ;a nation whose Kabbalistic roots sprouted a wild tree , now nearly dry , whose branches have promoted and legalized idolatry , prostitution , sorcery , drug use , Sodomy , gambling , blasphemy , adultery and murder by abortion will eventually harvest the similar wrath of God that Israel received . She will , to some degree , yet once more receive heavenly recompense for her fruition of her flatterer who will reign from Jerusalem for three and one half years . Her manifested Western daughter will more than likely receive her similar Fate . Only a remnant of each will escape the end-time wrath of their Creator .

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