Saturday, February 28, 2015

Black and White Wicca

This terrible picture was taken from The Learning Channel's , " My Unique Family . " The young woman here has just been awarded her Wiccan black and white belt , signifying her acceptance into Wicca as a witch . This signifies that their god is both bad and good . That is the essence of Kabbalism and Masonry . Magicians used wands that were both black and white . The chessboard  floors used in TBN's occult children's programs are both black and white . Wiccans believe in both black and white magic . But they only supposedly use the good or white magic . God looks at that an entirely different way . There is no good that can be derived from the practice of witchcraft , though Dorothy's good witch of the East , ( representing the daughters of the Eastern Star ), might differ with you .The Wiccan prayer hand position is unusual here , in that the over and under, above and below theme is suggested , perhaps with some power captured within  . Boys and girls almost since time began have practiced Wicca . 

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