Saturday, March 14, 2015

Baphomet Plus

This fuzzy picture borrowed from " Freemason's Great Architect is Satan " depicts the occult plus sign used for centuries , as in the Catholic church , occult groups , the Red Cross , Green Cross International , commercial logos , emergency vehicle logos , the pupil in David Jeremiah's Eye of Horus , ad infinitum . Baby boomers like me were happy to receive an A plus or B plus on returned schoolwork or tests . Sometimes we were awarded gold or yellow pentagrams on that returned work . Most teachers may not have understood the occult significance . Symbols have continually subliminally affected everyone . This occult plus sign in no way represents Christ , but does represent his adversary , the Devil . Theosophy's " T " is prominent on pope's mitres . It is a similar occult symbol . I know my pics are often deplorable , but I desire to stress points most Christians are unaware of today .    

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