Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sportacus : another rigid middle finger

 On my tape of this Lazytown program the middle finger is , as usual for Sportacus , extremely rigid . Holding the apple in his right hand enables the offensive gesture . You can watch the two inner fingers of the left hand pull back as the devil hand is formed over the life size puppet's head . Though the thumb isn't retracted , the retraction of the two inner fingers suggests to me the constant Masonic display of the devil hand embedded in religious and secular programming . Look at my other videos of Sportacus' middle finger displays in slow motion . Try to mimic those motions yourself . Those peculiar digital formations are all but impossible to make without prior practice . The movements are unnatural . An earlier Lazytown blog gives my reasons for suspecting this program has a Masonic base . Billy Graham wasn't coy when he often displayed a very rigid middle finger during many of his sermons , using no props to display his offensive challenge to Christ and his church . Several of those displays are on YouTube . 
This was a peculiar marking Sportacus was looking at on a tree a while ago . I have looked at many Masonic and Wiccan symbols and none of them match this , though it could be a combination of two or more symbols . It must have significance or Sportacus would not have looked at it . I know these pictures are not clear . They are much clearer on my tapes .

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