Friday, August 7, 2015

Eye of Horus in children's program

In this children's program the Eye of Horus is above the boy's left shoulder . perhaps kids just naturally draw figures like this on blackboards today . This is clearly and purposely the Eye of Horus .To the right of the girl is the same pie stopping pattern used by Odd Squad ; eight triangles in a circular form . The uncapped pyramid , the hexagon ,the triangle , and diamonds used in sorcery today are brainwashing tools for children . The pentagram is above the girl's right shoulder .

 This is Odd Squad's eight triangle pie throwing stopper . I am unsure what program the blackboard occultism was used in . It was not Odd Squad . I just happened to notice the occultism as I was changing channels . The triangle , ( pyramid ) is also used endlessly today in commercials and regular programming .

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