Monday, August 17, 2015

More recent witches' pyramids displayed on television

Some have inquired about the witches' pyramid formed by Billy Graham during every sermon of his I have ever viewed . Included is an actual photograph of a pair of witches displaying the witches' pyramid . These are some of the witches' pyramids I captured on video in the last week or so . These are from ; Star Trek , whose blasphemy says that this Kohan Curse represents " One " . God is the only person whose name is  "One  " , and only Masons , Kabbalists and witches misrepresent him with the witches' pyramid . Spock gains the respect of the space hippies looking for a lost planet , " Eden " , as he speaks of an ungodly " One " while forming the witches' pyramid . Lazytown's Stephanie makes a couple pretty obvious pyramids while in a pup tent with two boys . Another of Charlie Rose's guests makes the pyramid several other of Charlie's guests have made previously . Curious Traveler forms a curious triangle during a recent show . Somebody suggested that anybody could unintentionally make hand gestures like this while speaking , even with their hands raised over their head . That thousands upon thousands of these hand formations embedded in television programs were simply unintentional would be miraculous .

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