Friday, September 18, 2015

Joel Osteen

I have included only a few of Joel Osteen's Kabbalistic hand signals constantly given by Trinity Broadcasting Network personalities for the past forty years . The only reason I have watched him recently is because he has become extremely popular , and therefore , is extremely spiritually dangerous . You don't think the prince of the power of the air is going to allow the unvarnished truth about Christ to be revealed through television do you ? Men like him always pervert the gospel in subtle ways , as did Billy Graham .

Joel Osteen had attended the charismatic Oral Roberts University . His father had practiced the occult faith teaching of Kenneth Hagin and Kenneth Copeland . Admittedly , Joel Osteen avoids the truth of the dangers of sin in order to attract faithful followers . When questioned by Bill O' Reilly regarding Jesus being the way , the truth and the life ; the only way to God , Osteen evaded the question . When asked by Larry King about the eternal state of Jews and Muslims who do not accept Christ Osteen replied that he did not know if he believed they were wrong and that they loved God . Christians know the proper answer to that question .

" Preaches a False Positive " reports that Osteen wrote ; " We minister the word of God . The proclamation of the gospel comes after individuals have opened their hearts to God and turned from themselves to others . Only then are they ready to hear and benefit fully from the Word of the Lord . "  Turning from themselves and turning to Christ , not " others " , along with repentance of sin will save the lost soul . For Mr. Osteen , those turned to others may well be Mormons whom he considers Christian .

He preaches occult visualization of conceiving something on the inside in order for good things to happen to people, as well as the prosperity gospel . His seemingly humble demeanor hides a demonic love for error and wealth provided by a deceived father . Even the blatantly occult Trinity Broadcasting Network had long ago seriously questioned his ministry . Talk about the pot calling the kettle black !

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