Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pornographic pictures appear again in my gmail

When I put today's blogs up pornographic material came up in my gmail . This has happened before . I mentioned this a little while ago to the computer librarian , telling her I do not view pornography and that I did not want her to see the obscene pictures . Last week I placed flowers with stems so short in a vase in which I had to secure them in because they barely hung on the lip of the only big vase I had . The five or so small flowers had recently bloomed . The vase's opening was much larger than the little bunch of flowers . I secured them in with a napkin just to prop them up so that they would reach the lip of the vase . It was physically impossible for any of them to fall out . When I returned from the library one limp little flower was quite a distance from the vase in the middle of the desk it was placed on . I'm getting somewhat used to things like these and snow being singularly , obviously purposely placed in front of and behind my car in library parking lots where I make these blogs . My property is destroyed outside my apartment occasionally , yet nobody else's property is bothered . I have been careful not to reveal to anyone but friends I can trust with my life about my blogs and YouTubes . For decades I have known that everything I do and say could be monitored . I view making these blogs and YouTubes as an obligation to warn Jew and Gentile alike of the Satanic machinations of the Masonic Lodge around the world , in hopes that they may read and trust the Author of the King James Bible . As one of his children I dare not misrepresent Him or myself . 

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