Friday, September 11, 2015

Walker Texas Ranger : more occult signs

These are a few more of the devil's hands and witches' pyramids I noticed on Walker Texas Ranger recently . Last night retired Texas Ranger , CD , whose middle finger extends downward , tells children a Christmas story in his bar . That is a place where Christ does not want his followers to go . The program presents a perverted gospel , though it seems an attempt to honor Christ is made . The Mormon beliefs were recently touted as Christian beliefs . Christians know that is untrue . American Indian spiritualism is constantly promoted . Masonry's beloved "X " is painted on Walker's chest during an illegal fight . Risque female attire , swearing , and occult signals have had a bad enough influence on me for the several programs I recently watched . There is little sense in continuing to monitor this program  , knowing occultism and heresy will continue to be promoted . 

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