Friday, October 30, 2015

Display Colors

                                                                 The devil's staging of his fourth and final kingdom is more readily recognized now . As organizations and nations ceremonially display their symbolic colors through their representative flags , Satan's subterranean ghoulish brimstone colors attract the attention of shoppers and those who view homes flaunting grotesque celebrations of death and horror ; home-bred euphemistic cabaret entertainment featuring life-like impalements of humans amongst other trappings of witchcraft . New Age witchcraft , long ago accepted and endorsed by the United Nations , is the fourth sprouting of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil , nurtured through its New Age witch Alice Bailey whose haunting voice still resonates today through the U.N. library of her twenty four books easily found in occult bookstores . That mystical Jezebel is the personification of euphemism , appearing so meek and harmless in her U.N. photographs .

October 31st's garish hues of orange , yellow and black adorn homes often later strung with a spectrum of electric lights presumably honoring Christ . ( Christians have long exposed the occult bases of the surreptitious hoaxes of Easter and Christmas . )There is absolutely no Christian legitimacy in any regard to condone the now major holiday of Halloween . Since the invention of television and its motion picture industry witchcraft has continually been subtly promoted , grooming children through fairies and cartoon characters with magic wands casting spells . Dragons were , and still are , cast as purveyors of purity , goodness and wisdom in a world long ago given over to its own devices , loving darkness and death , rather than light and life . The television and film industries have long beguiled mankind into believe that being startled and shocked is commendable . Through those devices people have been vicariously subjected to rape , murder ,violence and the seven deadly sins so much that they cannot blush . And Satan's Christmas card ploy prepped the unwary to accept the sending of Halloween greetings , enabling the witch's foot to block the door of apprehension regarding witchcraft's celebration .
Those who reject Christ by accepting witchcraft , or any other form of sin , will stand before him one day , dreading they were ever born , cursing themselves for rejecting God's attempts to reach them , having seared their own consciences with a hot iron . That startling , dreadful , fearful shock will be one from which they can never recover .

Isaiah lamented that some had made a covenant with death and hell , making lies their refuge , as has the television industry . He stated that death is come up to the windows of those in Zion whom God said he would make of Jerusalem a den of dragons . God says that all that hate him love death . He says that there is a way that seemeth right unto a man , and the end thereof are the ways of death . Halloween is nothing but a pretense for the love of death . Through his own sacrificial death on the cross Christ destroyed the devil that had the power of death . By the grace of God Christ tasted death for every man . But in order to have life through Christ both now and in heaven a man must repent of his sins and trust Christ as his personal Saviour  and Lord . Some distant day those who accept the devil's mark , the mark of the beast , will receive scorpion-like stings that torment them so much that they will pray to die . They will endure that pain for five months . And that is just the beginning of the eternal pain they will eventually suffer for rejecting Jesus . Trusting Christ and feeding on his word through the trustworthy King James Bible is the only way to avoid both an earthly and eternal
hell , so beloved by those who gladly and heartily celebrate Halloween .

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