Saturday, October 17, 2015

Les Feldick heresies on Youtube today 10 /17 /15

Only because I have received so much hate mail regarding Les Feldick's heresies did I publish some portions of my old tapes of his teaching today .Though I deem him to more than likely be a kind helpful gentleman , I deem his blatant heresies dangerous . I enumerated some of his heresies in my blog , " Brainwashing through the Bible With Les Feldick . "  In my blog " Dispensational Dissonance " I expose the reason Christians judge dispensationalists like himself spiritually dangerous . I actually watched him preach that " Eve was not a rib ", though God's word says that's what she was . Many TBN preachers challenge God's word outright like this . He , as others , often quote a specific Bible verse and immediately tell you that the verse has a meaning other than what any fairly intelligent person would rightly deduce . That person not even need be a believer in Christ . He contradicts himself often as did Billy Graham . If I can be instrumental in persuading others to reject his ministry , which may have retained several million dollars as reported on the net , I will consider the task of publishing worthy . Surely , others will not , and it would be foolish to debate with people who heartily defend his heretical ministry . When you say you represent Christ , but pervert his message , you need to be exposed for the heretic you are . The entire TBN ministry is like this , though Mr.Feldick was never financially associated with them apparently . My blogs and YouTubes are not personal attacks , but necessary exposures of those who corrupt the word of God .

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