Monday, October 5, 2015

Star Trek's Voyager Eye of Horus

Again , another librarian has told me that she has never seen the problem of email pics not going through to g-mail from a phone that has performed the same task over one thousand times before . When I can I'll put on my poor g-mail pic of the Masonic/Kabbalist Vesica Piscis cleverly fashioned as part of the fairy-tale ship's structure . I have posted several Kabbalist witch pyramid hand poses , and Dr. McCoy's obvious Maltese Cross and other Masonic type logo pics on blogs and YouTubes previously . I cannot find a picture as good as the one I hope to supply along with the pyramid logo on one of " Q's " headgear seen in a recent Star Trek episode on television . Q was made to be omnipotent by the producers . That is exactly the Masonic suggestion Alice Bailey makes in her occult books promoted by the socialist oriented United Nations . I only watch it expecting to capture Kabbalist inferences and images . I was never a trekkie .

Gene Roddenberry reportedly had an association with some high profile people in the U.N.  His "
Federation " reveals the truth about the U.N.'s " World Federalism " , ( communism ) , I detailed in an earlier blog , " Don't make a federal case out of it . " Kirk 's dictionary definition is the established church of Scotland , as distinguished from the Scottish Episcopal Church . Naming the engineer Scotty helps set the Masonic tone . In an old episode Kirk stated  that misguided people who worshiped the sun were actually worshiping the son of  God . I used the lower case s in son because Star Trek's base is so Kabbalist that the real Christ could never have truly been accepted by its directors or producers  whose U.N. socialist theme is anti-Christian .

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