Wednesday, November 25, 2015

STARGATE : got ghoul ?

 Masonic Kabbalism has been embedded in television programs from the beginning . Clearly , STARGATE's premise is the occult Einstein-Rosen Wormhole Bridge that cannot exist . The letter A in STARGATE , ( recently on Get T.V.) , is merely Masonry's and Kabbalism's beloved fourth letter of the Greek alphabet , Delta . But the Masonic degree sign above each A can also be taken as the letter Delta , perhaps missing a small apostrophe above it . In Kabbalism , the pyramid represents the occult Tetragrammaton . Only because the Kabbalists have pushed the ruse of a Tetragrammaton has the Tetragrammaton gained acceptance as being legitimate . 
Wikipedia's " STARGATE " mentioned STARGATE's " Ark of Truth " , and "Atlantis " , both of which have Masonic roots . STARGATE  is merely a U.N. commercial for the U.N.'s " Ark of Hope " , pictured above . That is an international peoples treaty for building a just , sustainable , and peaceful global society in the 21st century. It honors all faiths , as does Masonry . As Kabbalism hides behind the occult Noahide Law , the U.N. Ark of Hope hides behind God's ark carried about by poles with the ten commandments inside . Instead , the similarly portable Ark of Hope is laden with occult Temenos books and the U.N. Charter . Pete Seeger sailed the Hudson with it in his Clearwater sloop . ( Few people know of the lengthy detail of his deep communist associations . As more proof about that surfaced he was cunningly dubbed America's Favorite Commie in order to deflect criticism . )  
Masonry's X marks the spot on the groaning being's stomach area into which the Goa'uld , ( god ) , is to be inserted . The big Masonic X isn't shown here , but in the episode I watched the alien being's stomach area was a large X with four flaps which could be lifted for easy insertion of the Goa' uld , which sounds so much like ghoul . That name Goa'uld had to be intentional , suggesting the Kabbalistic invoking of evil spirits , ( ghouls ) , is acceptable . There is a branched herb of the genus striga in the figwort family that is a parasite which feeds on hosts . It is appropriately called witchweed . Remember , filmmakers' and television screen writers' minds are often saturated in Kabbalism . The snakelike big worm pictured above is the " necessary evil ", ( Kabbalism's premise ) . The name Goa'uld had only one similarity in my old dictionary . The president of the Erie Railway , Jay Gould , sold $5 million  worth of fraudulent stock in 1868-1870 . He speculated in " gold "  inducing the panic of " Black Friday " on September 24, 1869 . He gained control of the Union Pacific , controlling ten thousand miles of roadway . Now there's a Gould some covetous Kabbalists would want to keep close to their hearts . The occult Aztec disheartening process is also suggested with the Goa'uld extraction process . ( In the episode I  refer to above , the alien father , whose forehead has a snakelike occult  "Summer " logo imprinted on it , is willing to sacrifice himself by giving his Goa'uldless son his own wormy Goa'uld .
And that non-existent Wormhole used in STARGATE is a ploy used in adult and children's programs forever . Odd Squad's occult snakelike portal tubes suggest  just that , though time is realtime . The occult children's program " Clangers " just ran an episode in which two totable black disks fell from space onto the Clangers' planet . Quickly the Clangers realized that when placed on the ground the Clangers could jump on one disk , disappear , then reappear coming up and out of the other disk , just like Star Trek's transporter . The old Kroft children's programs use that as a basis also , while its shows are obviously oriented toward witchcraft . The Wormhole is a demonic concoction used to draw men yet further away from God , as if men aren't already alienated enough ! God is not going to allow Satan constant access to himself . He makes Satan appear before him at his own leisure .  The only black hole in the universe is the bottomless pit , but Satan would like you to think there are more . 
The t.v. and movie industry are entirely dedicated to inculcating children from the cradle up to accept witchcraft in any form . Science fiction is anything but fiction . It is a lure into witchcraft , into accepting the occult . It is another of Satan's sly devices whereby he may take people to hell with him , into the fire that shall never be quenched , where their worm dieth not . 

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