Monday, November 9, 2015

Unique Mummy's Ghost

I have posted on blogs and YouTubes  dozens and dozens of this peculiar thumbs up paddle-hand formation made by hundreds of Trinity Broadcasting Corporation ministers and guests , as well as Masons , Kabbalists , politicians and actors . Fully aware of Get TV's repetitive programming , I expected the movie " Holiday " to be shown again . I mentioned some time ago that in this movie , Billy Graham's , ( John Carradine's ) , Mummy's Ghost hand pose was displayed in a novel manner I had never seen before . Near the movie's end these two held this occult pose for quite a few seconds . Those devil thumb horns are an unnatural formation for two people supposedly in love . I had posted a picture of John Carradine with a similar occult hand position in the movie " The Mummy's Ghost " long ago in a blog . 

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