Monday, November 9, 2015

Unusual arm pose

Carol Burnett made this peculiar arm crossing pose while talking with Merv Griffin years ago . Had her left hand fingers been fully extended that pose wold be the exact same pose made by Trinity Broadcasting deceased minister Adrian Rogers and a thousand other TBN personalities . There seemed to be no reason in her dialogue justifying this odd pose as she spoke . The same goes for all the Trinity Broadcasting personalities who made myriads of occult poses . She really never seemed to be an occultist to me , and I seriously doubt that she ever became one . But these odd poses occur on television programs all too often .  Directors or people of influence probably ensure that poses like these are made . But there are other times when it seems obvious that when two or more people make occult signals while conversing , that , as I  have noted in my blogs and on YouTube , these signals are purposely , consciously given .  It is odd that the fingers of the right hand are extended , while the left hand fingers are retracted at the knuckle . In Masonry variations of similar poses have different meanings . I doubt that the average woman has ever made a similar pose like this while talking , making no vocal reference to its meaning .   

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