Thursday, May 5, 2016

Old pics blocked for a year or so

Though Holly in the Land of the Lost may not have intentionally retracted her last two digits , this all too familiar hand pattern saturates television programming . Because my VCR finally expired I cannot publish on YouTube the several second display in this program that warrants my inclusion of it in my blogs which feature countless TBN personalities , including Billy Graham , making this offensive gesture more clearly . 
 Couldn't help but notice the coincidental Masonic signs I had posted in my blogs for years ; Watson's symbol so similar to the Eye of Horus ; the triangular symbols and x's were , and still are , rampant . In the earlier version of Jeopardy the X was obvious and placed close to Alex Trebek .   
 Kramer's pose so similar to those at Liberty University who must have purposely formed this Talmudic overhead pyramid . Mr. Kramer may have done this innocently , but his posture is fascinatingly similar to that of others on TBN who have fashioned very similar occult  hand formation .The X was prominent in Lazytown , as were numerous other Masonic hand signals .

It's funny , that as I do blogs in this particular library , pornographic pictures and personal pictures of my property I have never photographed with any phone or camera appear in the " Add Images " / " Choose Files " / Upload spot on blogger . I don't view pornography . Again , a picture of my property I have never photographed before appears on the blogger screen just as lines of snow formed behind the bumpers of only my car amongst numerous others in a library parking lot as I was making one of these blogs ; a flower was pulled from a vase on my desk and placed in front of the vase , and strings on a musical instrument were lowered , rather than tightened , while I was making these blogs at libraries . As with John Bunyan , the spread of malicious slander plagues me almost daily and sometimes precedes my residency in new accommodations . Christians who expose the lies of those who hate Christ become somewhat used to bearing this form of cross . In his autobiography John Bunyan wrote ; " Therefore I find these lies and slanders to me as an ornament ; it belongs to my Christian profession to be vilified , slandered , reproached and reviled ; and since all this is nothing else , as my God and my conscience do bear me witness , I rejoice in reproaches for Christ's sake . "

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