Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Too Much Time On My hands

Not long ago someone told me that I had too much time on my hands , inferring that I did not spend my time wisely . I had been diligently researching Biblical heresies and American historical misrepresentations , exposing both . Some of them were ;

Government documentation of the history of communist infiltration of the Methodist church , and communism's evil influences and subversion of churches , schools , governments , and American social life . Included copies of Senate hearings with transcribed testimony of ex-communists stating the same . The history of socialism , ( which even socialists admit is synonymous with communism ) , and its direct involvement with worldwide Masonry through the machinations of the United Nations' New Age Queen Alice Bailey who prophesied that the church and the Masonic Lodge would work together to produce a unified world church and government . Included documents of the United Nations' and Alice Bailey's own works which the United Nations still purports to be authoritative regarding their own prayers for the arrival of their anticipated antichrist , the demonic New King James version's " Coming One " ; communism's " messiah " . Revealed the truth of instrumental American forefathers' lives , quoting their rejections of Christ , and hopes for a Masonic universal religion . Biblically revealed the antichrist's biography which is not that of the more recent expectation of a revived Roman empire's progeny .

Revealed most of the major heresies that have weakened and all but destroyed the church .

Biblically exposed the demonic heresies of the Trinity Broadcasting Network and many of its beloved preachers among whom are ; Billy Graham , David Jeremiah , Charles Stanley , Robert Schuller , Tim LaHaye , Hal Lindsey and many others . Others , perhaps not directly associated with TBN whom I to a fair degree exposed are Rick Warren , John MacArthur , Les Feldick and C.S. Lewis . The charismatic preachers such as Benny Hinn , Rod Parsley and thousands of others were so blatantly heretical and obviously fraudulent  I actually deemed their exposure a waste of my valuable time .

Correct division of the book of Revelation , ( dear to Marx ) , regarding all the major characters and events in proper sequence , which of course conflicts with the false church's teachings since the fabrication of an unbiblical " Rapture " promoted by the heretical Trinity Broadcasting Network and most of today's churches . Though Marx tried to do the same and was absolutely wrong about it he knew more of revelation's characters than most supposed Christians do today .

Further exposed the demonically operated charismatic church ( condoned  by Billy Graham ) displaying in blogs pictures of himself and several dozens of other TBN personalities projecting a purposeful middle finger , the witches' pyramid , ( Masonry's triangle ) , the horned hand , and other Satanic signals . There are perhaps hundreds of these in my blogs and on YouTube . Serious threats to me began after doing this .
Exposure of the deceptive Bibles that evolved from the work of two Darwinian socialists named Westcott and Hort in 1881 . These men were liars who believed the King James Bible to be accurate as does Billy Graham . All Bibles that came after the 1611 King James Bible were based upon the deceptive works of these two men who admitted that they themselves were heretics and anticipated a rejection of their ungodly work . Those who hated Christ made sure their corruption of the Bible would flourish .

Guidelines for Christian character using the trustworthy King James' numerous cross references .
Revealed , as have countless others , the Satanic foundation of the United Nations which has incorporated its control through every facet of life via its Sustainable Development in almost every major city of the world . Produced a nine hour home video exposing some of its sophistry .
Biblically refuted Billy Graham's false assertion that human life exists on other planets .
Exposed , as have others , that the United States government euphemizes Bible believing Christians as dangerous terrorists , while Muslims and others whose religious platforms clearly loathe America are given preferential treatment .

Biblically proven that Jerusalem is the book of Revelation's MYSTERY BABYLON in my blog " MYSTERY , BABYLON THE GREAT , THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH " , Friday , Oct. 2 , 2015 . Revelation 11:17 is one of the key verses that removes doubt that this is true . It states ; " their dead bodies shall lie in the streets of that great city , which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt , where also our Lord was crucified . "

Proven the Biblical axiom that you must be perfect , ( through faith in Christ ) , to enter heaven . This is another truth most hated by Satan . My blogs , " Jesus says you must be perfect " , and " Sin No More  ", are fairly short blogs that are to the point and the truth rightly divided , enabled by merely cross referencing the trustworthy King James Bible . John the Baptist's parents Elisabeth and Zachariah were a good example of God's handiwork enabling faithful perfection . Luke 1:5 & 6 state that they ; " were both righteous before God , walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless . " At least two of Trinity Broadcasting Network's most renowned preachers , Billy Graham and Charles Stanley , have said that Christians can never be sinless . That is why in many of his sermons Billy Graham often stated that he once was and continued to be a sinner . Through old testament faith God cleansed Elisabeth and Zachariah and thousands of other Jews and Gentiles of sin . How much more will not the blood of Christ cleanse anyone today who avails himself of God's cleansing through repentance and childlike faith in Christ . But Satan doesn't care if you have trusted Christ as your personal Saviour and attend church regularly because he has been the subverted church's procurator for millennia , craftily justifying sin within the church . And the subverted church dominates the world today .What he doesn't want is for Christians to be without blemish or spot as Christ commands . He also wants people to believe as Billy Graham does that the King James Bible is not altogether trustworthy .

What have you done with your time ? Since the Bible says that all pursuits that do not pertain to the  quest for eternal life through faith in Christ are a waste of time , what have been your endeavors ? Jesus said , " What shall a man be profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul , or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul ? " Until you believe that Jesus is God who came down from heaven to sacrifice himself for your sins so that you may be forgiven of them through faith in his blood you are not spending your time wisely . Unless you are Biblically convinced , ( preferentially through the King James Bible ) , that you are going to live eternally with him in the new heaven and earth your life is vanity and vexation of spirit as the Bible proclaims .


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