Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Masons look up to Masonry as a child to its mother

In my " Parent's Choice award " January 23, 2016 YouTube I pointed out the oddity of awards made available through children's television programming , which I realized many years ago was basically an indoctrination into the occult . The black and white picture beneath the Parent's Choice Gold Award , supposedly by mere chance , resembles the Parent's Choice Gold Award portrayal of a topless woman with a child close by . The black and white picture was copied from an article on the net titled ; " Freemasonry and The Hidden Goddess, Chapter Four - Goddess Images Within Freemasonry from the book , Freemasonry by W. Kirk MacNulty . In another internet Masonic topic ;  American Tyler-keystone : Devoted to Freemasonry and its Concerdant Others " , regarding William Rennick Riddell's  book , " What is Masonry  ",  Mr. Riddell wrote this ; " I have asked myself that question over and over again . Why does every Mason look up to Masonry as a child to its mother ? "

Unfortunately Mr. Riddell didn't perceive that Satan , the prince of darkness , can appear as a transgender angel of light ; The Great Mother , The Divine Mother , The Eternal Mother , Our Lady of the Stars , The goddess Columbia , The goddess of ( social ) Justice , Diana of Ephesus , Isis , etc . Medieval paintings of Jesus' mother Mary are similar Masonic subliminal booby-traps often crafted by Jews loyal to the Talmud  .The Kaballah's Tree Of Life poses the occult god " Ein Sof " as both male and female .

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