Monday, January 9, 2017

You gotta hand it to 'em

Masonry's , ( Kabbalism's ) , devil hand has been used in a variety of formats . In the Outer Limits' " Demon With the Devil Hand ", Robert Culp's acquisition of his first two missing fingers on this episode arbitrarily form Masonry's devil hand signalled thousands of times by guests of the occult Trinity Broadcasting Network which has continuously promoted Kabbalism .
This Outer Limits' Devil Hand strongly suggests Kabbalism's Hamseh hand . It is a fascinating coincidence that most television writers and set designers incorporate Kabbalism within their programs . 



These Masonic hand signals are given regularly on television and in movies , commercials , etc .


The alchemical symbol of Masonry's " apotheosis ", ( the transformation of man into a god the deceived George Washington believed in ) , is also known as The Hand of the Mysteries , The Hand of the Master Mason , The Hand of the Philosopher and the Emblematic Hand of Mysteries . Great detail about the symbology can easily be found on the net .

The occult Hamseh hand that can give no protection . Masonry's suggestion of three times three is incorporated into this symbology of the fingers , along with other Kabbalistic symbolism . So is one of Kabbalism's most beloved symbols the All-Seeing-Eye within witchcraft's pyramid .

                                           This diamond-on-point " ex-voto " pin ( from " my vow " in Latin ) , seems more to suggest the occult " hand of glory  " with the suggestion of the flame of the candle held in the fisted middle knuckles .                                        

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