Monday, February 27, 2012

David Jeremiah calls Jesus unspiritual

In the next cameo he states ; “ Sometime we go right past it and miss the magnificence of this truth , that Almighty God has come down here to be one of us . God becoming a person , not some spiritual personality , but a real physical person . “

His blasphemy is couched in between other correct facts . He is misleading you to think of Jesus’ ministry as something other than  “ spiritual . “  He directly challenges Jesus ‘ spiritual character by saying that he was 
 “ not some spiritual personality . “  The offense is so obvious that it bothers only those who know Jesus . Although the Spirit of God descended upon Jesus at John’s baptism , and his warfare consisted of spiritually casting out demons , and he committed his spirit into God’s hands upon death , and his words were spirit and life , and although he said that the Spirit is truth , and that circumcision is that of the heart , in the spirit , and not in the latter , and although Christians are not to walk after the flesh , but after the Spirit which makes Christians free from the law of sin and death , and although to be carnally minded is death , and as Christ says , “ if any man have not the Spirit of Christ he is none of his “ , Dr. Jeremiah has the audacity to think he can deceive true Christians by  telling them that Jesus was … “ not some spiritual personality . “  Only someone who hates Christ purposely misrepresents him like this . The attack is too obvious to be taken any other way . This is typical 101 brainwashing , easily seen through by Christians . Was Jesus a spiritual
personality or wasn't he ? The Holy Spirit is a personality too , and he is spiritual also . Rick Warren and Jeremiah attempt to deceive with semantics , knowing most listeners have read the Bible quite often . Cult followers are easily seduced by someone who misuses Christian jargon and the word of God deceitfully .

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