Thursday, January 7, 2016

A lot to lose in the lottery

One of the news programs stated January 6th , 2016 , that the likelihood of being hit by an asteroid was far greater than winning the $450 million lottery . Should it be your misfortune to own the winning Powerball lottery ticket , God may whisper to you , " This is your hour and the power of darkness . " There is a lot to lose when dancing with the devil on this terrestrial ball wherein he puppeteers its human marionettes via his three major lusts on his global merry-go-round of worldly pleasures . Usually after cashing in on Satan's ruse of riches the merry-making recipients become gorgeously appareled and live sumptuously , unwary that the prize is actually a bewitching opulent ball and chain strangling necklace . As he choreographs his Hegelian double-shuffling bait and switch , knowing that greedy gain gives him greater foothold with gamblers , he laughs knowing that most will never follow in the repentant footsteps of the prodigal son , and will eventually perish , their gains being gone . T.V. lottery documentaries give good proof of this . Perhaps some of the toughened soldiers who sought the advice of John the Baptist saw it wise to be content with their wages . Money acquired by gambling of any kind is not Biblical gain by trading . Even the somewhat na├»ve know that with any form of gambling the odds are exponentially against them . Jesus said that those who are not faithful in the unrighteous mammon , ( material riches ) , will not be trusted with the riches he let himself be crucified in order to share his true riches with him for eternity . They are people who professed to believe in him , but fell away in time of temptation , choking on the cares and riches and pleasures of this life bringing no fruit to perfection , their garments motheaten and their riches corrupted . Paul said , " For me to live is Christ , and to die is gain " , and  " what things were gain to me , those things I counted loss for Christ . " Christ warned Jerusalem in Revelation 18:17 that in one hour her , ( Babylon's ) , great riches is come to nought . The Bible states that to this day Israel remains blind to the riches Christ offered her two thousand years ago , and that he wept because he knew only a remnant of Israel would choose to follow him forever by faith .  The stakes of eternal life vs. eternal hell are not worth comparison . Only the fool rejects eternal life through Christ . Before Christ returns he will pour out his wrath upon an unbelieving earth . Some men will have gambled that he will not plague them with large meteoric hailstones because of their continuous blasphemy , but they will have been wrong . Not trusting Christ is not a gamble , but a Biblically assured loss , resulting in personal eternal reaping of the wages of one's unrepentant sins . In the last several decades you have heard news reports about healthy young men dying while playing sports , and of people who die in the manner of the eighteen beneath the tower of Siloam . Only Christ knows when you will die . The New Testament of the King James Bible has the best rendition of the words God spoke to save you from gambling away your eternal soul . Why not read it for yourself and see if they have any resonance with you ? And should you trust him , please avoid all churches and television ministry which have long ago been subverted by those who hate Christ .

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