Tuesday, September 30, 2014

David Jeremiah's gross deception regarding the 144k

In his 9/28/14 sermon , " Agents Of The Apocalypse " , David Jeremiah's regard for the dozen tribes of Israel proves again he dozen know what he is talking about . He begins by using Masonry's pet word " chaotic "  when he speaks of the " chaotic state of our world . " He says the unlikely source of a great spiritual awakening will come from the twelve tribes of Israel preaching the gospel resulting in a revival in the nation of Israel . He says the 144k believers in Christ will testify of Christ to those left behind during the tribulation . There is no hint of that happening in the Bible .

Although he had earlier denied being a prophet he hawks his book , " Answers To The Unsolved Mysteries Of Prophecy . "

He says the greatest spiritual awakening of all time will occur due to the testimony of the 144k Jewish virgin males while he promotes the Masonic friendly secret six's Cyrus Scofield unBiblical " rapture ." The 144k are not evangelists . They can only be the last people in the world to accept Christ before he returns . The time of the Gentiles has obviously passed . And Mr. Jeremiah again deceives when he reports that they will have the seal of God " on " their foreheads ; God the Father's name written " in their foreheads " he says , thus contradicting himself . He says that it won't be hard to identify them , who he says are sealed against persecution . He lies when he says that when they preach people will fall on their faces because they evangelize . The two witnesses will demonstrate God's power regarding their own personal protection , but the 144k will not . That is why the tribulation period is called the time of Jacob's trouble . The only portion of God's church who will reign with Christ for 1000 years after Christ's return will be the 144k . The Bible doesn't even include the two prophets who evangelized them . Dr. Jeremiah deceives when he says millions of people will come to faith in the gospel through them during the time of unprecedented distress .

He continues to falsely state that the mark of God is visible " on " the foreheads of the 144k . The only discernible mark during the tribulation period will be "on " the foreheads or in the right hands of those who accept the mark of the beast . He says the 144k will do unusual works , but God does not remotely state that in the Bible . He says that they are secure in the midst of the tribulation , but Jesus forewarned of the tumultuous time believers would endure during those three and one half years of persecution . He lies again when he says none of them are killed during the tribulation period . He says God will protect them as they preach the gospel ," so no matter what happens nobody can touch them ."  But the antichrist will kill all of them and the two witnesses .

The 144k are the only Biblical byproducts of the evangelism of the two witnesses . Dr. Jeremiah constantly rewrites the Bible , misapplying Revelation 7:9 which tells of Christ's church comprised of old and new testament believers . He says these are the only people who responded to the gospel presented by the 144k . He says there will be a massive revival that takes place after Scofield's unBiblical " rapture " . But what did Jesus say happened after he pours out his judgment upon Jerusalem and the rest of the earth's inhabitants for their disobedience ? Jesus said that not shortly , but immediately after the tribulation his judgment would come . No evangelism takes place after the tribulation .

Dr. Jeremiah misappropriates Revelation 7:9 's great multitude which no one could number to those saved by a gospel never given by any one of the 144k , else there would be more than 144k saved . He again says the 144k will be spared from the judgment as it is coming , but he never tells you they were beheaded . He calls them Billy Grahams , but one Billy Graham did enough damage to pervert Christianity around the world .

Revelation 11:3-6 tells of the three and one half year prophecy of the two witnesses from whose mouths will come God's devouring fire , killing those who would try to kill them . Revelation 11:7 speaks of their murdrer by the beast after they have finished their testimony . The only people who respond will be the 144k . Revelation 11:2 tells us that the Gentiles will tread down Jerusalem for forty and two months . Revelation 11:13 and 14 speak of the ascension of the two witnesses to heaven . In that same hour " was there a great earthquake and the tenth part of the city fell , and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand  : and the " remnant " were affrighted and gave glory to the God of heaven . " That remnant is not millions of people , but a remnant , as has always been a part of the gospel respondindg population of the earth ; a remnant . For the sake of Dr. Jeremiah's absurd argument that the two witnesses also promoted the gospel , these that believe at this point may have heard their testimony . But the rest of the world had heard the testimony of the two candlesticks , and when the rest of the world heard of their beheading they were so glad to be rid of them that they gave gifts to one another at that point . This is the end of Jesus' second woe . Then the sixth angel had to have sounded because the next verse , Revelation 11:15 says the 7th angel sounded .

Revelation 9:1's 5th angel opened hell which caused darkness by reason of the smoke of the pit , and commanded hell's locusts to cause pain only to those men which have not the seal of God " in " , ( not  " on " )  their foreheads . Dr. Jeremiah praised the Scofield Bible a while ago . Today's worldwide church is the result of its heresies promoted , published and distributed by those who hate Christ .

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