Monday, December 1, 2014

Jack Graham Shanghaied?

In his 11/30/14 sermon Jack Graham commended communist China's growing Christianity . He said there are now 100 million Christians there , and that China is printing its own Bibles . If the Christianity in America has been covertly controlled by Talmudists since its inception , how much more Chinese Christianity where the Talmud is highly promoted ? The Chinese government regulates and monitors , ( with television monitors ) , all activity of state sponsored and approved churches . Catholicism and charismatic churches , ( always rejected by Bible believing protestants ) , are the major churches there . And the state prints the Bibles used in government sanctioned churches . Surely another Jesus and another gospel are presented there . This false Christian movement will only help pave the way for the false Christ . Jack Graham is a fairly articulate and educated man . Surely he can't really believe that the largely charismatic and statewide Catholic church will promote true Christianity .

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