Monday, December 1, 2014

Tullien Tchividjian: Graceless

Max Lucado had a while ago inferred that Christians must remain in a perpetual state of sin . Everywhere in TBN backdrops and in books the suggestion of Kabbalism's pyramid appears , as in Mr. Lucado's " A " in GRACE . Tullien Tchividjian , as his grandfather , perpetuates that abominable heresy of constant graceless Christian failure . In his 11/30/14 sermon on Romans he uses the old cliché , " even if our fallen finite minds can't figure out everything . " Deceivers use this deceptive idea often in order to suggest that they alone have the answer to the dialectic they process to their followers . He says that you cannot put God in a box , saying that Romans chapter nine substantiates that lie . But the ark , ( a chest , a box ) that was able to float , as did Moses as a child , was an example of the longsuffering of God and his provision of salvation for those who obeyed him . The ark of the covenant was a chest which contained the tables of the law , and for a long time contained the golden pot that had manna , and Aaron's rod that budded . Of course these items had no major significance regarding God's nature . And the new Jerusalem is in the form of a cube ; a box . But men like Mr. Tchividjian can't see the significance of God's preplanned perfected limits . And they don't want to set limits for Christians , as God does . They think outside the box .

Pastor Tchividjian talks of giving up control of our lives but doesn't emphasize that we need to do just the opposite , keeping our hearts with all diligence , and consciously becoming totally obedient to Jesus . He talks of giving up control in the vein of " let go and let God " , a baseless , fatalistic relinquishing of godly ambition . His vocabulary usually contains the socialist term " radical " regarding Christians , suggesting they become so . He emphasizes God's ONE WAY LOVE , inferring that the love need not be a two way love . He says that is what One Way Love is ; one sided . This is Talmudic brainwashing . He says that Christians are all losers and are continuing failures and bad people . I'd have loved to see him tell that to the disciples . But he is laying a trap for the naïve and the unwary today . His major theme in this sermon , is again , the hopelessness of living a victorious Christian life . He says he at first hated Romans chapter nine . He apparently still not only hates Romans nine , but all the rest of the Bible which he continually denigrates via his dialectical sermons .

He reveals perhaps a love for the atheistic socialist Jean Paul Sartre when he said that God's grace for him was " existentially amazing to me . " God's grace has nothing to do with nebulous , anarchistic existentialism . He says it is foolish for Christians to keep themselves as the center of their Christian journey . This is another dialectical tact to throw Christians off the well beaten path trod by Christians for two millennia . Though Christ needs to be the very model and center of one's devotion , if one does not continually examine himself and make sure he is in the faith by orienting his thoughts and deeds for Christ , he is not going to grow in Christ and will be like the man with one talent who hid his one talent in the earth , for which Jesus condemned him to hell . Tullien lies when he says " living for God " is not to be the focus of the Christian faith . But there are hundreds of Bible verses that counter that lie . He states ; " the focus and the foundation of the Christian faith , hear it from me now , is not living for God . The focus and the foundation of the Christian faith is the glorious , counterintuitive reality that God lives for us in the person of Jesus . Without that there is no Christianity . " This drivel is the similar dialectical deception used by the socialists who paved the pathway for pastors like himself . It's hard to believe he wasn't ,( and still is ), a disciple of Jean Paul Sartre . He condemns all Christians who have denied themselves and were martyred for Christ by saying that Christians had better not hope that the focus of the Christian faith is " living for God . " Again , this is Kabbalistic brainwashing . He forms a few Kabbalistic witches' pyramids in this sermon too as he has done countless times before . ( Some of them are in my YouTube videos .) He says he felt silly that " he would ever want to shift the spotlight from God's actions for me to my actions for him. It made me feel silly . " ( Tullien will feel even sillier on judgment day . ) His new age gospel is evident in his reference to God as " an organic God . " He lies when he tells Christians that their identity is not anchored in their obedience to Jesus . He promotes a foulmouthed false brother named Francis Spufford who likens Jesus to a pedophile who crawled out from under a rock ; a blot and a joke . Spufford is quoted as having Christians " coming in , as it were , through the side door , rather than bashing down the front door ", thus suggesting Christians climb up some other way . It was said of Spufford that he rejects Christian traditions such as the " theological concept of hell " and their Biblical rejection of " gay rights . " Hell is not a theological concept , but a Biblical reality . And the only rights gays have are the rights to enter that hell if they remain unrepentant . It is not , according to Mr. Spufford , his desire to win souls . He says that Christianity may be " a mistake . " The mistake is his own .
Pastor Tchividjien was interviewed by pastor James Merritt's son Jonathan in 2013 . Mr. Tchividjian is quoted as saying that " Preoccupation with our performance over Christ's performance for us hinders spiritual growth because it makes us increasingly self centered and morbidly introspective . Sanctification is forgetting about yourself . " Mr. Tchividjian apparently doesn't understand that Christians are not constantly preoccupied with their performance . There is nothing morbid about being Biblically introspective and dying the morbid death Jesus suggested to his followers . And sanctification is something Jesus did to himself that his followers might be sanctified through the truth , which totally evades Mr. Tchividjian . God said he would magnify and sanctify himself when he shakes Israel when Gog comes against her in the latter days . Sanctification is not forgetting about yourself , but has to do with consecrating and purifying and making holy God's altars , vessels , houses , fields , tabernacles , priests and saints . But Mr. Tchividjian would have you believe otherwise . His perverted perspective of sanctification is clear in his statement ; " When I honestly acknowledge the ways I've gotten worse , it's actually a sign that I may be getting better . " But God's word , which he distorts , says ; " Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound ? God forbid . How shall we that are dead to sin live any longer therein ? "
Jesus said by their fruits ye shall know men . The fruit of men like Mr. Tchividjian is obviously false , and three times more malodorous than his grand fathers' .

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