Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Charlie Rose and Ginny Rometty

 I just happened to catch these two internationally known personalities forming the same occult hand gestures made by many of Trinity Broadcasting Network's hosts and guests . Each shot is an independent hand movement and not a continuation of just one gesture . Someone suggested that anybody could simply make gestures like this while talking . In all my life of speaking with people and watching of hundreds of professors , salesmen , and others speak I had never seen people make hand poses like these until I noticed it constantly being done by those associated with the Trinity Broadcasting Network . I had long ago posted similar witches' pyramid shots of Billy Graham , using only one frame of each of the poses in which he made his irrelevant gestures .  One of Trinity's beloved preachers once inferred the devil horns thumbs up Billy Graham's Mummy's Ghost interlocked fingers and its variations were suggestions of the anticipated " one new man " . This one new man , one new humanity , is the Kabbalist plot for the enablement of its Superman to save the world from itself . Jesus Christ himself is not going to do that . He will only save those few who believe and obey him . He will eventually destroy the world and make a new one . Ginny , extremely intelligent , seems genuinely sweet . Charlie , also extremely intelligent seems an extremely analytical , courteous gentleman . Their continuous odd hand signals were blatant .

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