Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Lazytown ; A Knight To Remember

Never watched secular cartoons until I caught these Kabbalistic/Masonic signals being given recently . These are the same offensive hand signals I had exposed being given through the occult Trinity Broadcasting Ministry  . There will be no need to continue exposing the occultism promoted in these animations . I'll start with Lazytown . More than once Masonry's blue hero extends his middle finger stiffly . Included in this Masonic advertisement are the fleur-de-lis , the Maltese cross and other Masonic symbols and poses .

The Eye of Horus is represented on the handle of the Blue Knight's sword . The little girl star forms witchcraft's goddess sign with arms folded across the chest , as have countless Trinity Broadcasting Network hosts and guests . She also makes a witches' pyramid in another program . Her pink hair suggest the counter-culture revolutionary Wiccan air . Had I a daughter she would never wear a provocative miniskirt as this talented young lady does . The coat of arms at the top , to me , resembles the Romanov coat of arms . The Masonic blue hero's belt buckle appears to be shaped a a Masonic egg with the " S " separated in Masonry's above and below pattern of reverse twins . The name " Ziggy " is novel . The Illuminati Dirigens Cipher Font shows that the capitol letter " Z " stands for " X " . This is a mixture of some of the last two programs . Had I not noticed a Masonic signal formed I would not have created this blog . Surely , these brainwashing techniques will continue , as they are displayed in many adult and children's television programs past and current .Lazytown is on air in 103 countries with 380 studios and is associated with Ted Turner . Each episode costs $1 million to produce . It is mentioned on the net that Lazytown's " Sparky the Firefly " has been AWANA's mascot . On the net under AWANA , Lazytown is often referenced . Sportacus has become so popular that kids in Iceland go to bed at the same time that Sportacus does ; 8:08 p.m. Masonry loves coded messages as well as mathematics . It strikes me odd that he doesn't retire at eight o'clock , but at a time when looked at from either left to right or right to left the numbers are the same . The net states that ; " In the original Icelandic play on which the television series was based , Afram Latibaer ( Go LazyTown ) in 1996 , Sportacus was an elf iprottaalfurinn ( The Athletic Elf ) who possessed magical powers . Wikipedia states that ; " Sportacus owns a magical crystal that sits on his costume and glows when the LazyTown children get inito trouble ." Sportacus' hat still seems elfan today . It seems Phrygian , as worn by Columbia , the female personification of America . Many children's programs and cartoons suggest the use of a crystal magical belt today . This is merely occult indoctrination . I can't help but wonder about Lazytown's hero being named Sportacus . Project MUSE stated that the film Spartacus is recognized as an answer to HUAC's redbaiting of the Hollywood community . The author of Spartacus , Howard Fast , had been a member of the communist party who wrote for the Daily Worker . He also wrote a novel about the Macabees , his glorious brothers . The Masonic Lodge and the B'nai B'rith are Jewish and Gentile brothers . Amsterdam , the parliamentary capital of the Netherlands may well have B'nai B'rith and UNESCO ties . The United Nations clearly promotes Masonry . Lazytown's Masonic mimicry seems to suggest an AWANA theme . The Masonic Maltese cross displayed on the little swordholder's hand is extremely similar to the cross of the National Grand Lodge of Iceland re; the Icelandic Order of Freemasons . Sportacus' belt also displays the number 10 , which replaced the occult number nine according to Lazytown lore . That number can be seen by Masons as an " X " . The Grand Lodge of Iran , according to the net's " The Line Drawn In The Sands of Iran Freemasonry vs. Islam " states that ; " There is a secret society of former Iranian leaders and power brokers , from the pre-1979 era , who want Iran back under their control ." Power seems to be funded by leaders with money in international banks and it is the banks who control the world . It is stated also in this article that the Washington D.C. Masonic Grand Lodge oversees the operations of the secret Masonic member Pahlavi and that " The Grand Lodge of Iran Masonic members are the power behind the " secular democracy " they are forcing upon Iran . Along with the help of their non- Islamic " Brothers " in the D.C. Grand Lodge and junior lodges in Virginia and Maryland , whose members hold White House cabinet positions under the Bush regime , they have the force to accomplish their goal . "  If that tremendous Masonic power emanates from Washington D.C. regarding Iran , it is hard to believe that its influence in little Iceland isn't greater . I am presenting this , as all my blogs under the Fair Use doctrine . See YouTube for better display of some of the above .

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