Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Spell inn Czech her


                                               Eye knead know spell inn Czech her
                                               Inn thee pea sea witch eye ewes .
                                               Grammar tot mi gram her ,
                                               An dime wok king inner shoos .

                                               Gram awe stud deed spell inn
                                               Wile inns cool inn Owe high owe ,
                                               An sheik kin tea chew wall thee gram her
                                               Thatch jewel lever knead two no .

                                                Redder Rick an sin tacks ,
                                                An punk chew weigh shun two ,
                                                Whir grim attic eggs sir sizes
                                                Grammar awe fun maid mi dew .

                                                Men knee pea pulls cough fat
                                                Thee riding stile lye chews ,
                                                Butt, gram awes grate eggs ample
                                                Liz thee won witch eye wood ewes .

                                                Grammar maid mi reel eyes
                                                Eye kin right owe cay .
                                                Eye knead know spell inn Czech her
                                                Wen eye user bet her weigh .

                                                Yew kin dew wit two
                                                Awn yore lapped hop sand pea seize ,
                                                Wen yew tie pout awl yore whim seize
                                                Gram awes stile Liz shore two pleas .                                                 

I have written dozens of oronyms like this one , but considered them fairly frivolous . Few people have seem much of the work . Constantly focusing on the demonic underpinnings of the Christian church engenders cathartic exercises like this one .

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