Saturday, February 4, 2017

Keeping It All In The Family

In the 1950's he had been an esteemed MKULTRA social engineer at Queens . His Talmudic practice had propelled him much further than he had anticipated . Decades later his business acumen in real estate garnered him minor celebrity status in politics . His hatred for Christ had deepened since his post world war two government sanctioned practice of torture at Queens .

John Trew's exposure of the Talmudist's collaboration with worldwide occult televangelism resulted in malicious slander constantly hurled at him , attempted , (and unfounded ) blackmail , and secretive death threats made against him . Fellow Talmudists had already orchestrated the death of his wife . He knew he was up against a wall , but what more did he have to lose ?

The outraged Talmudist knew better than to make an outright martyr of Trew through murder , always assessing the backlash of his tiny , but knowledgeable following of Bible believers able to rightly divide the word of truth . The ULTRATalmudist's adept capabilities should enable him to cause Trew's demise surreptitiously , leaving not the slightest hint of his own vengeful involvement . After all , he had long ago obtained Trew's complete bio , one even the Mossad would have been impressed with . For the Christ hating Talmudist murder had long been a sport .
The multibillionaire's Talmudic family knew John would track their harassing phone calls . It was clear now that they were making good on their years of death threats through the old practice of incremental poisoning . John suspected it to be a newer strain of thirty-third degree pneumogastric poisoning preceded by innumerable purposeful well placed stressors , along with the murder of his wife that would culminate in their long planned elimination of him .

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