Monday, June 19, 2017

Magical Galactic Progressive Tactic

The Hollywood Ten never died . Their work perpetuating communist Pharisaic brainwashing will continue until the new ten-toed black star Jewish Pharaoh reveals himself in Jerusalem some day . The Star of David is purposely used to infer superior Jewish world leadership in the future .  The Star of David represents the Talmud , not the old testament . The powerful and influential Pharisees and their descendants discarded Moses and the old testament long ago replacing both with the Talmud . Jewish sources will confirm that . The power both of the Star of David and the pentagram represented in sci-fi series like Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek , is witchcraft , continually practiced in Judaism today . Messianic Judaism is nothing short of that with its promotion of the thoroughly occult Talmud , the Dead Sea Scrolls and other demonic propaganda constantly spewed by the occult Trinity Broadcasting Network . These occult symbols were perpetually used in programs like Battlestar Galactica whose premise was Talmudic progressive communism whose mission was to destroy the Christian church , replacing it with Jewish Talmudism . Communism today still unashamedly promotes progressivism , with the socialist theme of Christless evolution as its premise , seducing the people of the world to work together for the common cause . But who establishes the criteria for the greater societal good and common cause ? The people in power do that . As the Pharisees conspired against Jesus , the kings of the earth , ( and earth only !), set themselves and the rulers take council together , against the LORD , and against his anointed saying , Let us break their bands asunder , and cast away their cords from us . For now the United Nations with its still speaking , ( though dead ) , black queen , Alice Bailey, promotes a false Christ . The gentile U.N. will some day be superseded by the very false Jewish Christ it has been promoting through its unashamed self-professed love of occultism . That false Christ will call himself the morning star as the Bible states Jesus to be . But that dark " dog " star will sire ten obedient pups who along with him will leash all but the faithful 144,000 Jewish believers to his wayward Wiccan wand in the third temple in Jerusalem . The progressive sci-fi writers continually imbue Biblical allusions within their themes . Battlestar Galactica's leader is named Adama . The fairy-tale lost civilization aboard Galactica exists in a group of planets known as the Twelve Colonies . Purportedly Battlestar Galactica's creator and executive producer Glen A. Larson had referred to the giant spaceship as " Adam's Ark . " Mr. Larson's Mormon background obviously inspired him to suggest his twelve lost colonial tribes originated from his contrived homeworld of Kobol , a play on Mormonism's Kolab and a subliminal reference to Cabal , Cabala .  And , as Jesus had twelve disciples , Adama's meandering colonies were guided by a " council of twelve . " The Constable Shield is typical imagery of Talmudism's circle within the triangle . The Battlestar Atlantia's BSG patch is a mimicry of occult Masonry's beloved fleur-de-lis . The colonies' god is " the lord of Kobol " whom they are seeking . Their religion is founded upon " the book of the word " feigning Christianity . Adama's son's name is Apollo , the Greek and Roman god of light , healing and prophecy , which is the sun whom the Egyptians worshipped . Similar to the journey of the Biblical three kings of the orient , a star leads three of the colonies' leaders to the homeland of their occult faith ; the site of occultism's pyramids . Inside Cheops the star's light enables the formation of a Masonic triangle , and the three peripatetics are informed of " the Exodus " . A thirteenth tribe is apparently lost . ( Incidentally , Israel has no lost tribes ) . And they are looking for the 9th lord of Kobol . The number nine has great significance in Masonry and witchcraft .  Programs like this and Star Trek prepare the way for the antichrist who will not be revealed for some time after Israel builds the third temple alluded to by TBN false teachers who place both middle fingers , ( third digits ) , to their own "temples"  simultaneously , urging the third reconstruction of Israel's demolished temple . Those people , ( who also form the witches' pyramid and several other occult symbols with their hands as they speak , ) are either Masons , or Masonic sympathizers , (as were , and still are , many Mormons to a great degree ) , or unwitting shills , doing the devil's handiwork . All these people I have described above involved in the occult shall not attain communism's unsustainable goal of world peace through progressive global Godless gallantry . They have stumbled at the stumblingblock who said " What shall a man be profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul " ?  Satan gained the world at the expense of his own soul destined for eternal hell . Progressivism is Satan's " wisdom of this world  " , which God views as foolishness . It is pervasive worldly Talmudism ; the ungodly glorification of man's collective sin continuing in a downward death spiral those deceived by it believe it to be aspiring heavenly . The only progress any lost soul can hope for is beginning to fear the God who created him and eventually understanding him by being granted the knowledge of the Holy .
In another of my blogs Captain Kirk's modified Star of David insignia is more easily discernible . The suggested Davidic star rests upon an inverted pyramid . For Hollywood the future is dependent upon the Star of David . That occult star represents a people totally given over to Egyptian occultism ; people who reside in " the great city ,  which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt , where also our Lord was crucified . "

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