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Decoding Messianic Judaism

                              Decoding Messianic Judaism and the UMJC

After years of studying brainwashing techniques utilized by communists such as Harry F. Ward  , Nels Fere and numerous other communists and communist sympathizers who infiltrated Methodist churches in particular , recognition of misdirection stands out clearly . Knowledge of the trustworthy King James Bible was a necessary tool for discernment . Many in the UMJC may well be unwitting shills . It is my opinion that many are not . Ad hominem attack is not at all intended here . What is intended is the revelation of devices of  propaganda  that seem to intend to deceive . Besides often being led by inherently brilliant human capability , crypto-Messianic Jews are directly empowered by Satan . Of course , everyone will draw his own subjective conclusion , but many of the following heresies are so blatant they should be hard to dismiss as mere Biblical misunderstandings by someone who claims to know the Bible’s author . The author’s advantage has been the support of Israel by the church the communists have subverted . Unlearned Christians have been duped into believing that any criticism of Israel is tantamount to blasphemy . If this is true , then they had better summon Jesus to court , for his testimony is the most damning . If America and the rest of the world terminated all aid to Israel today , Israel would still fulfill her prophecy . The Bible tells me so . The current Pharisees and Hasidic Jews have enabled the enactment of laws that deem any criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic and punishable . This will exacerbate as time progresses . Conversely , malicious slander of Christ and his church via cartoons such as South Park and movies are posh . Assuredly , Jesus fails to find the humor in them .
            My expose of this author’s 26 page apologetic for rebellious Israel is what I believe to be a spiritually led , and rightfully divided criticism . According to the doctrine of substantial truth , I believe my ascertainment reflects Biblical refutation to the substance of his work . Having put his work on the internet , it appears to me that he has to a degree made himself a “ public person “ . I have no intention of publishing this material , nor the ability to put it on the internet . His opinions are published opinions . Mine are not , and are not intended to be defamatory , but , “ fair comment and criticism “ and a revelation of Biblical truth regarding someone who calls himself a Christian brother .  More than likely it may be deemed by those who hate Christ as “ reckless negligence .” There is a well founded public interest regarding both our opinions . Undoubtedly , I perceive mine to be accurate and his false .  

Page1 : “ I am more than ever certain that a great place belongs to him in Israel’s history of faith …”   This supposedly Christian author fails to give Jesus his deservedly “greatest “ place in Israel’s history . He merely designates to him , “ a ” great place . The first sentence should be a clue as to the author’s intended subversive subtlety . He also mentions that he had  “ religious prejudices and discomfort with any mention of
“Yeshua .”  Jews are taught to despise Christ from an early age .  The constant use of  “Yeshua” is meant to bait believers in Christ to lean toward acceptance of  Pharisaical  Judaic thought  via the guise of cherishing historic Judaic rhetoric .
Page 2 : The author says he wants to “ bring healing and reconciliation to the ancient rift between Jews and Christians .”  What he wants is for Christians to acquiesce to the psychopolitical pressure UMJC groups are applying to the already corrupt  “Christian “ churches , enabling the continuance of Pharisaical Hasidic law to take precedence throughout the entire world .

Page 3 : The author lies when he says that the “ relationship between Judaism and Christianity “ is of deep misunderstanding . Christians do not misunderstand . They know that everyone , both Gentile and Jew has rejected Christ . They often know that Jews are taught to hate Christ . Throughout this expose the author shifts the blame of the Jewish rejection of Christ onto Gentile believers . He does it consistently , and subtly . And he says the church “ abandoned its connection with the Jewish people .”  Paul , a Pharisee , and an Hebrew of the Hebrews , who was willing to be cast into an eternal hell for the sake of his Jewish brothers , gave up on the Jews and preached to the Gentiles . It wasn’t the Gentile Romans who hated the early Christians , but the stiff-necked rebellious Jews who had Christ and his disciples killed , yet this author subtly continuously infers the church and Christians caused the Jews to reject Christ .

Page 4 : It has been a longstanding communist practice to call Jesus a “ radical “ and a “ revolutionary “ . Trinity Broadcasting still does this today , as does this false Christian . Satan was the revolutionary , the radical , not Jesus . Another major red flag here is the author’s respect for Jacob Neusner’s blasphemy about the Sermon on the Mount . Neusner , the Jewish scholar said ; “ At many points in this protracted account of Jesus’ specific teachings , we now recognize that at issue is the figure of Jesus , not the teachings at all .”  Only Satan would try to deflect someone’s view away from Christ’s living words and direct them to a subjective , nebulous and unnecessary imaginative conception of Christ speaking to the attentive crowd . A child would see through this spiritual tactic . More than likely, the Jacob Neusner this author is referring to is the rabbinic scholar of Judaism who has written or edited more than 950 books according to Wikipedia . His credentials are very impressive and he had attended the communist influenced Union Theological Seminary from which the red dean of American communism , Harry F. Ward , disseminated communist propaganda . Some information about him can be gleaned from “ 4 Enoch: The Online Encyclopedia of Second Temple Judaism .”   1 Enoch , a heretical and unbiblical book is offered by UMJC . His research focuses understandably around rabbinic Judaism of the Mishnaic and Talmudic eras . Like Rodkinson , he translated all Rabbinic canon into English . He understands the Talmud well . He has been integral in helping the socialist cause of ecumenism , which has given Pharisaism and Talmudism leverage throughout the world . He says he would never follow Christ . His double-sided tongue is adept as Rick Warren’s . He hates Christ , while appearing to show respect for him . No wonder this author quotes Neusner .

Page 5 : The  “Torah” that is mentioned here and throughout this brainwashing piece . Usually Torah is used by those who oppose Christ as a pseudonym for Talmud . The Jewish Talmud and Jewish apocalyptic and rabbinic literature are offered in the 2009-2010 Mini-Course 3 and other courses . Obviously these are Satanic works and should not be respected , but  exposed for their blasphemy . You will not see these people expose such literature unless they are forced to take a step backward , so they may later continue to advance .They admit that “ The rabbinic Judaism that evolved from Pharisaism came to regulate and define what was Jewish and what was not .” These people are carrying the Pharisee’s unlit torch .

Page 6 : They speak of the Talmud , admitting it  “ became the basis for Jewish law and set the parameters of Judaism from then on  .”  The Talmud is never condemned in this article . Surely this word weaver knows something of its blasphemies against Christ . He has opened the door to thought about it . Why not warn Christians about its hatred of Christ ? Neither he , nor the UMJC will do that unless to somehow it is to their advantage to continue to deceive as Mr. Neusner’s poor attempt to misdirect your thoughts away from Jesus’ precious words .

Page 7 : This deceiver says “ The church triumphant never effectively reached out to Jewish people . It never understood the Jewish people , and often did nothing more than alienate them and drive them away .”  What a lie . It is the Jewish people themselves who resist the Holy Spirit . Their history of rebellion against God in both the old and new testament is overwhelming . Again , the author shifts the blame of Jews’ unbelief on to Christians . What he is hoping for is the “ diversity “ to continue which has infected the Christian church and made it corrupt .

Page 8 : The author implies it was Christians who caused the Holocaust . He infers the pope is a Christian , thus promoting Satanic ecumenism . He says “ many Gentiles are seeking to return the New Testament to its original Jewish setting .” Apparently God has made a mistake in writing the Bible , but men like this one can correct him , as does the Talmudic Jewish rabbi who argues with God and unbiblically wins ; ( who hath been his counselor ? ) ; apparently one Talmudic rabbi .   “ Radical “ is used again , inferring Jesus’ claims were radical . They were not radical , but the fulfillment of old testament prophecy .

Page 9 : Again , he wants it to appear that ” the church “  left the  Messianic Jews stranded . Surely , a believing Jew would have been welcomed and protected in any church I attended if I needed to have been of any influence . This is at least the third time in one third of the article that implies “ the church “  is at fault for not caring for believing Jews . That is a lie . The author also desires a level of compromise through “ ecumenical understanding . “  Ecumenism has been the devil’s tool for eons . Though the reference is
supposedly in regard to Christian / Jewish ecumenism , just the mention of the word ecumenical helps Satan’s cause .

Page 10 : Jesus’ claims are again called  “ radical “ . He says “Yeshua”  is a source of healing between Christians and Jews . What the UMJC wants is for the Gentile world , whether Christian or not , to prepare to accept a Jewish antichrist which can only appear after the third temple has been rebuilt . He also lies when he says the Jewish non-Christian interpretation of Isaiah 53 :11 and the Christian interpretation are the same . If they were , truly “ all Israel “ might be saved by now . Obviously they have not been . Israel did not believe Isaiah 53:11 during Christ’s visitation , nor does Jewry yet , nor will it’s remnant yet , until he has poured out his wrath upon an unbelieving nation .  Also , he subtly infers facts regarding Jesus are a “ story “ when he states ; “ For many centuries , the Christians telling of the Yeshua story has emphasized …”   The tactic of referring to Jesus’ works a “ story “ has often been used in communist propaganda . He refers to Jesus’ fulfillment of prophecy as a “ replacement of religions “ . Fulfillment , not replacement was what God intended all along . This is a lie and a very subtle ruse . He continues to defend the Jews’ rejection of Christ on this page .

Page 11 : At the top of the page this deceiver says of Jesus ; “ His role is to empower Israel to fulfill her priestly mission as a light to the nations . “ If this were true , as the New Age Queen Alice Bailey had already misstated , Jesus has failed . Israel is not proclaiming the truths of Jesus . Two Jewish candlesticks will later , but they will be killed for doing so , and the world’s population  will give gifts to each other celebrating
their murders . Alice Bailey would be happy to see this statement used here though ; “ The Messiah will enable Israel to represent God to all nations , by establishing God’s Kingdom over all the earth . “  This is the Masonic / Pharisaic hope of ecumenism . The author lies when he infers that Jews and Christians worship the same God . Unbelieving Jews , as do unbelieving Gentiles , sacrifice unto idols . That is what the Bible says . The author does not want you to think that Jesus “ is seen as abandoning or denying Israel “ , which is what he has temporarily done until the time of the Gentiles is fulfilled . The author again tries to defend Israel’s rejection of Christ and places the blame on “ the New Testament  .“  According to this deceiver Christians can have only a “ superficial “ understanding . Though Jesus said the Holy Spirit would guide you into all truth , he apparently and obviously does not believe him , nor does he want you to either .

Page 12 : He says ; “ Messiah’s role as the servant is first to restore Israel to the Lord , and then to empower Israel to become a light to the nations .” His inference is that this should happen before Christ returns to earth . He never mentions the biblical eschatology regarding Christ’s return , nor of God pouring out his wrath upon Israel for her rejection of him before her remnant is saved , and then ,  Israel is a light to the nations . Even non Christians should be able to understand this if they read the Bible objectively , having never read it before .

Page 13 : Not much worth noting here .

Page14 : In paragraph 1 , the author says Jesus came to “ finish the task begun by Yehoshua , as he ministers throughout the Promised Land, driving out demons .” If this were true , again Jesus has failed . But, it isn’t true . Jesus didn’t come to drive out all the demons from Israel . Before he returns it will be filled with them and every other unclean bird . He laments “ Yeshua is in exile from his own people “ , yet he
semantically apologizes for them while appearing to lay some blame upon his own people . That is a fairly good attempt at deception . Truly , Jesus is not now , nor has he ever been exiled from his people that truly  know him .The author also quotes the demonic New King James Bible . Study its mistranslations and Satanic triquetta usually inscribed on the binding or inside cover . He keeps wanting Israel to “ fulfill their mission “  which he espouses is to be “ the source of salvation to the nations “ …” to save all the nations . “ This is the antichrist’s United Nations’ Isaiah Wall’s hope ..  “so that in the end all Israel will be saved .” This is a demonic deception , and it is totally unbiblical .
Page 15 continues his hope of  “ restoration of all Israel “ saying it is “ at hand .” Only after severe chastening will Israel’s restoration and world leadership in the worship of the God they long ago rejected take place . He again infers that it is Israel’s job to bring salvation to the nations fairly soon , buttressing the communist hope of a world with one church and one government prior to Christ’s return .

Page 16 uses the term “ revolutionary “ again .

Page 17 : His subversive intent is clear in this sentence which reads ; “ For example , many critics portray the New Testament as the source of Christian anti-Semitism . Tragically , there is some truth to this claim , because the New Testament is so often misrepresented . “  To begin with he states the New Testament is a source of Christian anti-Semitism , period . I believe his statement is a well calculated thought later couched with a false apologetic to buttress his lie . He gives those who have criticized it support , when he feigns disdain , saying ,  “ tragically there some truth to this claim .”  If  anti-Semitism appears to exist in the Bible , it is because God himself put it there . He speaks of the New Testament being “ misrepresented “ . He is one who misrepresents the New Testament . He twists God’s word when he quotes John 1:11 which says ; “ He came to his own , and his own did not receive him ” ( 1:11) . You might think this is saying that the Messiah came to the Jewish people , and the Jewish people did not receive him . Later , however , John shows that many people did receive him , despite the many that did not . “ Again here this author misdirects by trying to make you think that the Bible does not mean what it says when he quotes this mistranslation ; “ and the Jewish people did not receive him .”  He has put doubt in your mind , as do many of the Trinity Broadcasting programs , by saying “ You might think “… Three subtle misdirecting seemingly harmless words used here , “ You might think “,  puts doubt in your mind that your understanding of the New Testament is trustworthy . Trinity Broadcasting uses a similar tactic in putting doubt in the believers’ understanding of God’s word by saying  “ could it be “….that the blatant heresy they promote is true ?  By saying , “ Later , however , John shows that many Jewish people did receive him , despite the many that did not ,” he is trying to gloss over the true fact that clearly the Jews collectively did not receive him , by stating that MANY did not receive him . Most of the Jews did , not just many . They were manipulated by Talmudic Pharisees . This is brainwashing 202 . It’s pretty tricky and beguiling . He continues to attempt to deceive you by stating that 
“ Yeshua “ … remains firmly connected with his people ” , implying Israel . How many Bible verse can you find that refute this lie ?  True converted Jews would call this man a liar . Christians know that Jesus has temporarily hidden his face from the Jews . He does not hear their prayers , as he does not hear the prayers of unrepentant Gentiles . He also calls charismatic Christians  “friends” , which is understandable .

Pages 18 and 19 don’t expose any noteworthy heresies or subterfuge . Page 20 does
mention the term “ goyishness “ , inferring Jewish disdain for Gentile elitism or separatism , which is what Pharisaism actually is .

Page 21 :  “ Jewish life and identity rooted in Torah , expressed in tradition “ is mentioned . The Talmud is usually the root of  “ tradition “ for most Jews as directed by the all-powerful Jewish Pharisees , though he states the Torah . The true Torah is NOT Tradition , but the written word of God .

Page 22 : In the first sentence he mentions the destiny of the Jewish people . If he would only convey the true destiny of both Gentile and Jewish people , but he never does , because he wants you to think the Jews will enable the salvation of the entire world before Christ returns . The people who rejected him will not accept him until AFTER Jesus returns , and then , only a remnant .

He gives himself away clearly on page 22  to those of us who have knowledge of the “ halakah” , the “ Tanakh” , and “ New Covenant writings .”  The Talmudic “ halakah “ is demonic and NOT rooted in scripture . The “ Halakah “  is a rabbinic collection of unbiblical customs and traditions practiced by socialist Ashkenazi Jews who had very strong beliefs in the Talmud . The “ Tanakh “ is also demonic and unscriptural and has no “ unique sanctity .”  He again refers to the destiny of most Jewish people , inferring they
will go to heaven . He does this constantly throughout this piece of propaganda .

Page 23 : He states that the UMJC avoids defining themselves in contrast with traditional Judaism . Traditional Judaism still carries hatred for Christ . You cannot serve two masters . They are not serving Christ , but traditional Talmudic Judaism . He lies when he states  “ the Torah “  does not apply to all believers the same way . How many scripture verses can you find that refute this heresy if he is inferring the Torah is the Bible ? Often the “ Torah “ is mentioned as well as “ the ongoing chosenness of the Jewish people .” The Jewish people are not the current “ chosen” people . Jews who have accepted Christ and are obedient to him are . Jews who accept the false teachings of institutions like this which this author  represents are not .

Page 24 : He continues the heresy that  Israel remains God’s elect , chosen to bring his blessing upon the rest of mankind .”  They could do that by proclaiming Christ’s message of salvation through him , but only later will two olive trees do that , for which the Jews will kill them , as they did Christ , as I in essence also killed Christ via my inherent sinful nature which he died to crucify . The satanic NKJV is referenced again . The socialist bend has been applied to Ephesians 2 wherein this author states ; “ Some commentators believe the phrase  “one new man “  in Ephesians 2 would be better translated “ one new humanity .” Only one who espouses the communist dream would attempt to portray this blasphemy as rightly dividing the word of truth .

Page 25 : He has the temerity to mention a Jewish remnant of the first century . If only he would reveal the Biblical Jewish remnant in the book of Revelation . It is easy to discern who these Biblical remnant Jews are and why only a “remnant” are finally saved . It is Biblically clear . But he will not mention this .He is articulate enough to befuddle , but not articulate enough to tell the easily discernible truth which he apparently hopes you never discover .

Page 26 : Socialists cannot help but give signals to each other in their works . His use of the oft used socialist buzzword , “solidarity “,  also helps give him away .

In their “ Messianic Studies Institute Home , Faculty and Staff Profiles “ , what stands out the most regarding this institution’s heretical teachings are ; Page 1  re : William J. Beausay’s interests of the apocryphal writings . Surely , if this were to expose Christians to heresies to become aware of , they would have stated so . Obviously , they are subtle indoctrination into acceptance of Talmudic belief .

Page 2 re: Henri L. Goulet’s interests in ancient rhetoric and Jewish Apocalyptic Literature . No warning of the heretical beliefs of Jewish Apocalyptic Literature is given .

Elliot Klayman’s interests in Rabbinic literature . Rabbinic literature is Talmudic . No warning it is Talmudic or unbiblical .

Page 3 re: Christopher Kotting’s interests in demonic Bible Codes . Some portions of the old testaments’ prophets’ work are difficult to understand when well translated . Why look for something that isn’t there ? The Trinity Broadcasting Network and their friends promote unbiblic Bible codes also . These people more than likely would deem the UMJC as “ Christian brothers “ . I claim neither of them as any relation . Neither would any true Christian .

Page 4 re : Howard Silverman’s interest in rabbinic literature . No mention is made that rabbinic literature is heretical . If not specified as part of the old or new testament , Rabbinic literature must always be found in the Talmud , unless it is a “ new find .“

Surely Talmudic interests are conveyed in these offered studies to some extent . In their Messianic Studies Institute Mini-Courses 2009-2010 these satanic classes are taught ; “ the wholistic nature of a Messianic Jewish worldview  “ ; “ Jewish Apocalyptic literature “ ;  “ 1 Enoch , 4 Ezra , 2 Baruch outside the scriptures “. All of these are heretical and Satanic , but are presented without condemnation , and made to appear to be acceptable . The undiscerning will find them so . 1 Enoch and 2 Baruch relate to second Temple , “ Enochian Judaism “ which speaks of the unbiblical “ End of Days “ in which the antichrist , ( called the “ Son of Man “ ) , will reign in Jerusalem .

Interestingly , In Time Magazine’s Mon., Jan 23rd 1978 edition under the piece ; “ Bribery and Religion “ , Israel had made it a crime of  “ material inducement  “ for Christians to hand out gospel tracts . The fine is punishable with a $ 3,200.00 fine and a  five year prison term . You need not fear that happening here , for the Christianity heralded here has been corrupted by those who love the Talmud .   


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