Thursday, March 29, 2012

Witchcraft in the Pulpit

David Jeremiah's crossed fisted god pose is featured in the Wiccan book , " Encyclopedia of Wicca and Witchcraft " , page 155 . This may still be available in libraries . His Masonic /Wiccan crossed arm open hand goddess position is articulated in " Ritual Glossary - Shadows of Oz " , page 2 on the internet . This Wiccan sign has been utilized by the chartismatic church since the inception of witchcraft thousands of years ago . It is being touted by almost everone associated with the demonically led TBN ministry as well as some of Hollywood , as has been the horned hand . The charismatics , understandably , lead the way in witchcraft in the church , but Jeremiah absolutely unashamedly flaunts it , making both the god and goddess poses within seconds of each other often . Years ago television's ,  " The Learning Channel "  featured two films revealing the demonic tie between Masonry and Wicca showing examples of the Wiccan goddess crossed arms with open palms beneath the neck given by Kendra Vaughan Hovey in the film , " My Unique Family . " Similar crossed arm beneath the neck poses , as obviously often displayed by David Jeremiah , are featured in a film regarding the possible conspiracies of the Masonic Lodge by The Learning Channel . I may put some of Dr. Jeremiah's obvious blasphemies on my John Smith blogger site soon , revealing how David Jeremiah poses as an angel of light , quoting him directly from his sermons I have taped . TBN's and his circles also signify witchcraft . There is only one verse in the Bible that refers to a circle , and it has nothing to do with the concept of , " Will the Circle be Unbroken " . That is the Wiccan hope of ceremonial circles of Beltane and covens of thirteen not being disrupted .

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