Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jeremiah says the Bible is not the sword of the spirit

Another of David Jeremiah’s blasphemies is to openly challenge God by stating that the Bible is  NOT  “ the sword of the spirit “ . Although Ephesians 6:17 clearly articulates this , Dr. Jeremiah’s higher critical thinking attempts to trump that of the Lord Jesus Christ . Ephesians 6: 17 tells Christians to “ take the helmet of salvation , and the sword of the spirit , which is the word of God . “   John 1:1 states ; “ In the beginning was the Word , and the Word was with God and the Word was God . “  These passages in the book of Revelation reveal that Jesus himself , the Word , is the sword of God with two edges ; 1:16; 2:12 ; 2:16; 19:15; 19:21 .  In Hebrews 4:12 , Psalm 119:105 , and Luke 11:28 the singular term  “word “ , which is Jesus , the living singular sword with two edges who shall consume the antichrist with the spirit of his mouth , is used .

Here is the brainwashing technique this liar deceives the simple with . He says ; “ I used to think that the sword of the spirit was the Bible , but that’s not it . “ This statement alone reveals Dr. Jeremiah’s hatred for the truth . God has clearly and definitively made it known to Christians that the Bible IS the sword of the spirit . Enticing others to believe his blasphemy reveals his ulterior purpose of deceit . He is openly defying the word of God by stating this , but this is the audacity change agents unashamedly exhibit . And he buttresses his lie by saying that he used to think that way , that the Bible WAS the sword of the spirit . Now , apparently , he has received God’s new revelation that God has changed his mind . Understandably then , Ephesians 6:17 should be revised , as was much of the Bible by the two Darwinian socialist self-admitted heretics named Westcott and Hort who undermined the church in the 1860’s . Jeremiah now promotes the demonic New King James Bible .

Jeremiah continues with his wordweb by using charismatic terminology stating ; “ the sword of the spirit is the Rhema of God , that’s the language of the new testament , and the Rhema of God is not the Logos , which is the whole Bible . The Rhema of God is the short sword that comes from the arsenal to use against the enemy and the Rhema of God is a specific truth for a specific issue . So the Bible says take the Rhema of God , the sword of the spirit , which is the word of God and use that against your enemy . This is not really the sword , this is the armory , and in this armory are many swords , and the Bible tells us …etc. “   For a second time he defies God by inferring the Bible is not really the sword of God while employing false and confusing charismatic double-talk making you think he has revealed a new Biblical concept to you , further enlightening you .

Nowhere in the Bible will you find the words Rhema or logos , which incidentally are terms used by the United Nations’ medium Alice Bailey in reference to her false Christ unbelievers are praying for in groups of three around the world . Strong’s concordance does reference these terms , but if God wanted to use them in place of  “sword “ , why didn’t he ? Older dictionaries I perused for the term “ Rhema “ did not contain that term . The term “ rhematic “ was included , but not “ Rhema “ . The term  rhematic regards the formation of words : pertaining to or derived from a verb ; belonging to a verb . None of the other variances of the word such as Ramah or Rama have anything to do with this recently fabricated word long used by the unbiblical charismatic church . “ Rhema “ was referenced by Aristotle in his “ De Interpretation “ , as I evidenced when directed to the book , “ What is the Talmud ? the art of disagreement   on page 252 .  In the Talmud , Jewish sages can win arguments with God . Dr. Jeremiah is trying to do the same , and  through the eyes of those who believe another gospel , also wins .

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