Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Newly Added Eye Of Horus For David Jeremiah

Prior to his 7/8/12 sermon , “ Jesus Is Enough , The Awesomeness of Jesus “ , the intro  graphics depicting a starry sky reveals an easily discernible pyramid outline with an easily discernible Eye of Horus at its base at the 21 second mark online . His peculiar Wiccan/Masonic gestures have become somewhat infamous , as he must assuredly have become aware . More recently, he seems to have almost totally excluded the unusual body gestures from his sermons . I had only watched him for the past few years , and began wondering why he continuously made witchcraft’s god and goddess poses during his sermons which depicted the Eye of Horus in the background . As I edited and taped over forty of the demonic gestures from sermons I had recorded earlier , I could tell when he was about to deliver his poses before he made them . You rarely see him do that any more . Now , a new curve has been included in his demonic array of pitches , delivering Horus’ Eye via a different             “ light .” Because his arm and hand signals are those of Wiccan/Masonic nature , it is more likely than not that the Eye of Horus at the outlined pyramid’s base is another intentional signal,  perhaps of “progressive revelation “ , to use his own words .

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  1. [Hello John. Saw this little item on the net.]

    David Jeremiah Charged with Stealing !

    This isn't a joke or malicious gossip! To see the shocking details, Google "Plagiarism Galore in a David Jeremiah Book - June 22, 2012." If you want to see which other well-known evangelical leaders are guilty of the same crime, Google "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty" and "Deceiving and Being Deceived" - both by journalist/historian Dave MacPherson.