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TBN , Paving The Way For The Antichrist

                                              TBN , Paving The Way For The Antichrist

Trinity Broadcasting has made it a matter of course to promote Talmudic rabbis and their demonic beliefs for many years , the most recent being “ America’s rabbi “ , rabbi Daniel Lapin . TBN obviously cannot discern , or perhaps purposely implies , that unbelieving Talmudists have much in common with Christians . Christians correctly assess that TBN itself is demonically led . The unbelieving Jewish roots movement has long been part of their deception , to juxtapose Christian beliefs with those of unbelieving Jews . Promotion of the works of rabbi Daniel Lapin is a classic example .

Rabbi Lapin is an orthodox rabbinic scholar and son of a famous orthodox rabbi who heads the American Alliance of Christians and Jews . Daniel Lapin‘s uncles and cousins taught Talmud at the Gateshead Talmudic Academy in England  . He was a disciple of his great uncle rabbi Eliyahu Lapian who studied under rabbi Simcha Zissel in the Kelm Talmud Torah . Rabbi Eliyahu‘s thoughts are recorded in a two-volume Lev Eliyahu . The Jews long ago supplanted belief in the old testament with belief in the Talmud . Their own history states that fact . This was enabled by Pharisees , still working today as Talmudic priests who deceptively refer to the Talmud as the Torah .

Rabbi Eliyahu Lapian had reportedly stated ; “ From the time I became aware , I never expressed anger at anyone , no matter what the provocation. “  Though he may never have openly expressed his anger toward anyone , surely he became angry with at least one person in his life . The God who created him became angry with the Talmudic rabbis of his time when he visited this earth from heaven . He didn’t hide his feelings which exhibited his truth . Rabbi Lapian has either attempted to deceive himself , or others , by saying that he never expressed anger toward anyone . If he drove , he must have driven alone . His works are in the ChabadLubavitch Library in Brooklyn . He was considered one of the Jews’ great leaders .

Nephew , Daniel Lapin , America’s rabbi , has appeared with David Barton’s Wallbuilders , Jewish Voice , Benny Hinn and sundry other blind , supposedly “ Christian “ organizations that believe that America may overcome it’s alchemical Masonic history , bringing God’s blessing upon a country rooted in Kaballistic beliefs . Of course, they do not oppose Masonry or Kaballism , but those ideals were America's foundation .

He founded the Pacific Jewish Center along with Michael Medved in Venice California . This Jewish center viewed itself as functioning as part of the Baal teshuva amovement . Baal , according to Wikipedia is one of the seven princes of hell , and infers the meaning of “ lord “  which applies to West Semite gods . The Baal teshuva movement attempts to return secular Jews to Judaism . That Judaism will be yet a deeper entrenchment in Talmudism , which loathes Christ and his followers . They know they can easily manipulate the demonically controlled TBN ministry . Rabbi Lapin focuses on “ Ancient Jewish Wisdom . “  The true ancient Jewish wisdom is that of the Babylonial occultism . Baal teshuva is a Talmudic term meaning “ master of repentance , “ and involves a deep study of the Torah and Talmud . It is peculiar that this rabinnical Talmudist chose the demonic term Baal to relate to his desire to lead people into a deeper study of the Talmud and Torah . Charismatics are dabbling with it through their “ Spirit “ led  practices , justifiably scoffed at by Christians and non-Christians . As the occult practice continues , demonic “ Baal “ service will become more manifest through demonic miracles . Jewish adepts will become glowing examples of submission to Talmudic practices .  Rabbi Lapin has spoken for the non-Christian Heritage Foundation . He was directly linked to Jack Abramoff’ through “ Toward Tradition .”  Tradition was exemplary of Jesus’ Talmudic foes . Rabbi Lapin also received semicha from Israel’s Kfar Chassidic yeshiva and Ner Yisroel’s rabbi Yackov Yitzchok Ruderman . He was also the former head of the Commonwealth Loan Company and Cascadia Business Institute . I would not be surprised to learn there was not some Rothschild connection made directly or indirectly with him . This man is articulate , rational, highly intelligent , and cunningly crafty .

Though Jesus told his followers not to be called “ rabbi “ , this doesn’t bother the Trinity Broadcasting Network . This is understandable , as they have promoted Talmudic rabbinical teachings for decades . In his internet , “ Rabbi Daniel Lapin – FAQ “,  his anti-Christian beliefs are clearly articulated on page 2 of 2 . He suggests that Jews not embrace the Christian faith , and rejects  “ any notion of theological compatibility between Judaism and Christianity , “ though he promotes his Talmudic works through apostate Christianity , pretending to be a yokefellow . 

According to the internet’s , “ The Jewish Press,  America Is better Served by a Religiously Vibrant Christianity , An Interview With rabbi Daniel Lapin , by Elliot Resnick in 2010 , Mr. Lapin reportedly said ; “ I started studying the founding of America and discovered that the Bible used in colonial churches quoted Jewish sources like Rashi and Rambam in their notes about a third of the time . Christians with knowledge of the Talmud know that this is a blatant lie . Rashi and Rambam are well known Talmudists . The only reason they may have been quoted is that they quoted the old testament .  Rabbi Lapin follows that deception by saying that Yale was referred to as “ our New England beit midrash . “  The midrash is a portion of the Satanic Talmud . On page 2 the interviewer states that rabbi Lapin praises Pope Pius XII as a righteous Christian , and rabbi Lapin does not deny that . And again on this page the rabbi is reported to tout the Talmud as promoting the blessing of wealth .  Years ago China accepted the Talmud as a powerful enabler of wealth . Israel will reap the benefits , attaining the “ government in Israel that will be the center of all world government “ according to Judaism 101 : Maschiach : The Messiah “ , page 3 .

From there , Nietzsche’s superman , ( communism’s capstone of evolution ) , the Jewish antichrist will become the abomination of desolation, honoring Daniel’s god of forces ; and a god whom his fathers knew not .

In his book “ Sex Is Everyone’s Business “ rabbi Lapin promotes the demonic Seven Laws of the Sons of Noah , long promoted worldwide . The continual bombardment of the word sex had helped turn this nation into the two-fold more sons of Sodom and Gomorrah . Never mentioned in classrooms by teachers a few generations ago, the word was purposely iterated by various teachers to bewitch naïve young Americans into accepting the wild sexual behavior promoted by communism’s agents , primarily through drug use .

On the net under , “ Rabbi Daniel Lapin – Thou Shall Prosper “ , the fact that rabbi Lapin’s revelations are derived from “ the established principles of ancient Jewish wisdom ” does not say that the source is strictly from the old testament . Page 1 had revealed that rabbi Lapin’s examples of Jewish wisdom are culled from the Talmud’s Zohar , the Jewish book of Kaballah .

In my blog , “ Decoding Messianic Judaism and the UMJC ( United Messianic Jewish Congregations ) , reason to suspect the UMJC to be another vehicle for subversion of the church is  partially given . Their own literature on the net a while ago articulates the UMJC’s promotion of the demonic Talmud , the Tanakh , ancient Jewish rabbinical literature , apocryphal writings , major heresies and communism’s stated hope of “ redeeming the entire world “ on it’s page 25 .

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