Monday, June 25, 2012

Dr. Jeremiah doesn't know his Bible

But then again , maybe he does . But which Bible does he use ?

In his Sunday June 24th , 2012 sermon , " Know Your Enemy " , Dr. Jeremiah fails to mention the Biblical fact that one third of the angels accompanied Satan to earth , having been excommunicated from heaven .
Though this man is proud of his thirty year ministry , he cannot relate Bible basics to his audience . In his sermon he says this; " there are many theologians who believe that when Satan rebelled one third of the angels rebelled with him and came to the earth and now comprise his army of rebellion against God . "

 Dr. Jeremiah doesn't quote anywhere in his sermon Revelation 12:3 which reads ; " And there apeared another wonder in heaven ; and behold , a great red dragon , having seven heads and ten horns , and seven crowns upon his heads . And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and did cast them to
earth . " He doesn't even quote his beloved Satanic New King James version  , which also mentions that one third of the angels fell .

He quotes Isaiah 14:12 , and Ezekiel 28 , but doesn't quote Revelation 12:3 regarding Satan's rebellion .
Surely he has a concordance . Most new Christians know the fact that 33 and 1/3% of the angels rebelled
against God and are now on , and under the earth , and many inhabit witches and drug users and men of every sort . Why does he defer Biblical authority to " theologians " , rather than to the Bible's author and the specific verse which clearly articulates the Biblical fact that one third of the angels fell ?

And again in this sermon he stresses the lie that Satan is not the opposite of God . Again , as in another sermon , he says that Michael the archangel is Satan's opposite . But even Michael , when disputing with Satan about Moses' body , said to Satan , " The Lord rebuke thee . "  Michael was not a match for Satan .
When Satan makes his heavenly visits he doesn't appear before Michael the archangel . It is deceptive to tell people that Satan is not God's opposite .Though he is not omniscient nor as powerful , Satan is God's greatest and most powerful opponent and is the exact opposite of him . This man seems to enjoy throwing fiery red herrings to his bewitched audiences .

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