Friday, September 21, 2012

David Jeremiah Praises The Communist Karl Barth

                           David Jeremiah praises the communist Karl Barth

It was no surprise to me that David Jeremiah recently praised Karl Barth during one of his dialectical sermons , for Jeremiah seems to mimic Barth’s deception of employing language which appears to laud Christ , yet opposes him .

Having studied the oxymoronic works of several “ communist Christians “ , I have largely trusted the works of  “ Grace2Nations’ Weblog ; Philosophical Heresies Undermining Biblical Theology In Theological Seminaries , “ and am quoting some of their work , having compared it to the investigation of others who also seem credible , and whom I also quote . Methodism’s red dean of socialism , Dr. Harry F. Ward , is a wonderful example of the communist subversion of the church through seminaries , now wholly subverting it to witchcraft through Methodism’s “ Renew “ .  

Barth of course was highly lauded by the non-Christian world as an influential theologian . Almost all of the Trinity Broadcasting network preachers quote at least one “ communist Christian “ such as Barth , never revealing to their audience the socialist leanings of that particular neo-evangelical .

Barth wrote ; “ that the meaning of Scriptural authority ,” is not the ‘fundamentalist ‘
one , which would have it that the sacred text as such is the proper and final basis of knowledge … The concept ‘truths of revelation,’ in the sense of Latin [ or Greek or Hebrew, presumably ] propositions given and sealed once for all by divine authority in working and meaning , is theologically impossible . “   Barth , according to these sources , wrote that ; “ the Word of God still happens today in the Bible , and apart from this happening the Bible is not the Word of God , but a book like other books . “ Ostensibly , this is blasphemy , but that is what Christian socialists and communists specialize in , couching it in Christian rhetoric , knowing the simple will be deceived through confusing writing and rhetoric , saying yes and no to the same things .

Barth claimed that ; “ Socialism is a very important and necessary application of the gospel . " His hopes were the communist hopes of a world of one faith and one government , through the false Jesus Christ prayed for by the United Nations’ ubiquitous triads of Wiccans whose god and goddess poses are those of David Jeremiah’s .  Communism’s “ Social Justice “ is touted by Barth in his 1911 essay , “ Jesus Christ and the movement for Social Justrice “ in which he says this ; “ If you understand the connection between the person of Jesus and your socialist convictions , and if you now want to arrange your life so that it corresponds to this connection , then that does not at all mean you have to “ believe ” or accept this, that , or the other thing . What Jesus has to bring us are not ideas , but a way of life . One can have Christian ideas about God and the world and about human redemption , and still with all that be a complete heathen . And as an atheist , a materialist , and a Darwinist , one can be a genuine follower and disciple of Jesus . Jesus is not the Christian world view and the Christian world view is not Jesus .”

Barth also reportedly said that ; “ Jesus is more socialist than the socialists …[I]n its relationship to Christianity , Communism , as distinguished from Nazism , has not done , and by its very nature cannot do , one thing ; it has never made the slightest attempt to reinterpret or to falsify Christianity, or to shroud itself in Christian garment…There is nothing of the false prophet about it . It is not anti-Christian ….A real Christian must become a socialist…A real socialist must be a Christian …I regard anticommunism as a matter of principle , an evil even greater than communism itself . “

Barth , known as “the Red Pastor “, regularly gave socialist addresses . He had joined the German Social Democratic Party on Wiccan May Day in 1931 .German theologian Frederich-Wilhelm Marquardt’s 1972 book , “ Theology and Socialism : The Example of Karl Barth “ , states that Barth’s life was totally centered around the communist coup of creating the dominionist false Christian world government which will give birth to a “ new world “ to follow the collapse of the bourgeois capitalist order.

Barth’s well known live-in affair with his secretary  , Charlotte von Kirschbaum , while still married , is another prime example of his anti-Christian lifestyle . His secretary  helped him write his demonic 13 volume Systematic Theology , “ Church Dogmatics “ , which portions of have been labeled pornographic . Understandably , Mr. Barth seems to be one of David Jeremiah’s heroes .    

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