Saturday, June 8, 2013

An Abundance Of Demonic Gestures

There must be hundreds of people who are certain that many of the Sunday morning Trinity Broadcasting preachers display witchcraft's Masonic signs , while promoting another gospel and another Jesus . I recently viewed a tape I had made of the hundreds of Masonry's Excellent Master Mason Degree pose featured in the website " Another Voice ( Rev. 18:4 ) : David Jeremiah reveals the Masonic " X " Factor . In my own blog , " David Jeremiah blasphemy , More demonic gestures made by TBN heretics on June 10 , 2010 , "  David Jeremiah is shown making witchcraft's " god " pose , which is often followed immediately with the Wiccan " goddess" pose displayed by Kendra Vaughn Hovey on the same blog's second page . Those same pictures are also in my blog , " It runs in the family . "  In my blog , " Jack Graham's " goddess " pose , Dr. Graham , ( taken captive at the devil's will ) , worships his father with a lowered " goddess " pose . Whether these are intended to be Masonic and have another name is moot . David Jeremiah , Jack Graham , Billy Graham , and James Merritt appear to be the Masonic leaders who are totally unconcerned that their absolutely bizarre gestures are proven to be Masonic signals . Adrian Rogers , as had David Jeremiah , at least once displayed Masonry's very exaggerated 33 Degree Inspector General arm crossing pose where his hands extend beyond each shoulder in the masonic " X " fashion . Billy Graham displays at least one Wiccan "god " and one Wiccan "goddess"  pose amongst his numerous Kohan witches' pyramids given in a nanosecond on many of his sermons . James Merritt's witches' pyramids are more easily discerned , as are his numerous " goddess " poses . The ones I keep are those that are particularly clear and fairly perfect . Had Billy Graham not made so many I might not have detected Dr. Merritt's . I am not computer savvy . I am happy to slowly type and relay my correct discernment of some TBN's demonic influence . Masonic gestures are given in many of the children's programs , particularly the ones in which the children sing and their Wiccan " goddess "poses are clear .The pictures on my blogs were placed there by other helpful people . After I record most of these heretics' messages , I play them back at double speed on the DVD , transferring the Masonic poses to a VHS tape . Now , my four year collection of only a few seconds each of individual signals is so huge that as I play the DVD back at double speed , I am not particularly concerned whether I capture each Masonic sign made by these men who preach another Jesus with their hands . Their mouths are also open sepulchers , blaspheming him continuously . The Masonic hand over the heart signals by TBN personalities and preachers number in the thousands and are too numerous to display .The collaborative effort of many people sending in the hundreds of Masonic / Wiccan poses to one website could yield many pages of indisputable proof that these men are all involved in Masonry . I made another blog that I believe well supports that argument .

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