Wednesday, June 5, 2013

James Merritt , More Heresy

In his 6/2/13 sermon , " For the Love " , Dr. Merritt lies when he says ; " Because the Son of God that died on the cross didn't have to die , and the Son of God that came to the earth didn't have to come . "
Dr. Merritt's mentor , Adrian Rogers , had also stated in one of his television sermons that Jesus Christ did not have to die . What these men do not understand is that God predestined Christ's birth , death and resurrection as well as ours . Jesus was predestined to come and to die . But , again , this heresy is not supported anywhere in the Bible which these liars say is their foundation . No matter how personable they may seem , their heresies and blasphemies stand out clearly , as do those promoted by electronic mediums today . Communists were in control of publishing houses and false television ministries , as well as the " Christian bookstores " , which were nothing more than communist fronts long ago . Why did FOX television promote Rick Warren with its own money years ago , highlighting his false gospel for an hour ? Why was the liar Rod Parsley's book  highly touted as a best-seller a while back ? And why was the deceiver Tim LaHayes' series so readily accepted ?  You will not hear the truth of Christ promoted by those in control of mainstream media .

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