Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Birds Of A Fetter Chained Together

In his 6/2//13 message , " Staying Connected " David Jeremiah displays his iron-clad union with his literary cohort Phillip Yancey , stating that he reads his books cover to cover . When Christ returns , more than likely there will be no cover for these unclean birds who nest together in fetters of iron they themselves have forged . Many people have exposed Yancey's heresies , which not surprisingly promote Masonic / communist / Wiccan preferences for tolerance , acceptance of homosexuality , Catholicism , and the charismatic , ecumenical and New Age movements . David Jeremiah again
reveals that his wisdom is superior to God's when he states in this sermon ; " The church as God sees it is perfect . " Jeremiah was referencing the global church described in Revelation chapters two and three , five of which are anything but perfect . But this is David Jeremiah's normal course of conduct .
Understandably , Billy Graham highly endorses the highly heretical Phillip Yancey .

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