Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wiccan Prayer Warrior

In his 8/18/13 sermon , again , Jack Graham continues to brainwash his followers by perpetuating the ruse that Christians should be deemed " Prayer Warriors . "  Prayer Warriors are Witches of the Craft who cast spells in " prayer circles " , also promoted by Jack Graham . These prayer warriors are among Wicca's " ancients " promoted by the United Nations which is unashamedly based upon witchcraft ,  directing the unwary to Masonic /Wiccan Luciferian " light " that will lead them to perfection under Masonry's " Blue Star . "

The term " warrior " was applied to Rehoboam who fought " against the house of Israel " to bring the kingdom under his rule .

Mr. Graham's Wiccan god , goddess and other Wiccan signals reveal allegiance to an army other than Christ's .

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