Saturday, August 31, 2013

TBN Wiccan poses on Toni Smith Facebook

Some time ago I blogged that I might be able to input some pictures of TBN ministers making the same poses that witches make . I have not labeled them , but amongst them are pictures of the "god "
posture featured in the book " Encyclopedia Of Wicca & Witchcraft " . Many preachers switch almost immediately from making the Wiccan  "goddess pose" , ( also included ) , to the Wiccan "god" pose . Billy Graham formed his " god posture " at the Golden Horseshoe in Hamilton Ontario in 1988 . It is featured here along with other preachers' Wiccan poses . He also was lightning fast making his " Witches' Pyramid " included here . James Merritt was slower  and has made dozens of these Wiccan poses as had Mr. Graham . Adrian Rogers is shown here making the " god posture "
as well as the Masonic 33rd degree Inspector General pose as is seen in the colorful 1800 cartoonish
picture of those extended crossed arms that David Jeremiah has made several times . These pictures should be able to be viewed on Toni Smith or Toni Rose Smith Facebook . Having much difficulty inputting pictures . I will try my best to post perhaps dozens of the hundreds of still pictures of well known TBN ministers who must include Wiccan spells along with their Wiccan gestures as they deceive people with a clouded gospel . I did not know you needed a password to enter Facebook . I have never contacted anyone on Facebook and hardly ever email anybody . I know the pictures are crude but the ability for facial recognition is there in my album of ministers who are wittingly or unwittingly involved in Talmudism .

There are two pictures of actual witches in there . One displays the " goddess" pose of hands crossed beneath the throat in two separate pictures . The other blonde witch displays the witches' triangle . The woman in the red is a TBN personality whose hand gesture almost exactly mimics the black haired Wiccan " goddess " .

Charles Stanley's lapel finger positioning is very unusual . He has placed his hands on his lapels in Masonic fashion perhaps hundreds of times .

Adrian Rogers is also shown making the horned hand devil sign more than once , as have most TBN ministers . I believe another man who displays the horned hand sign at a Billy Graham crusade was named Neil Frank . Why would you be so obvious to display that sign when you know it will be shown around the world ? I know my blogs are crude , but I haven't noticed that anyone else has
exposed Billy Graham's Wiccan poses as I have . I have more , but can't get them inputted through my old cheap Tracfone first into my g-mail , then into the blog or Facebook . I am doing this to turn people away from the demonic control exercised by Wicca and the Masonic Lodge and to direct them to the truth in Christ .

I was able to input a few more of Billy Graham's obvious witches' triangles onto a few previous blogs .

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