Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Yet another Liberty University middle finger display of contempt

Because TBN personalities display demonic hand signs in abundance , I vowed only to post pictures from their network which clearly revealed the middle finger contempt for the Word of God . When I noticed this Liberty University speaker, Ken Davis , motioning with his hands on a program aired 5/24/14 I began taping , expecting to see similar signals given at Liberty University before .
Not long ago another speaker displayed his middle finger to Christ , ( for Jesus said when you have done it to the least of these my children , you have done it unto me ) . For weeks at a time I cannot receive TBN broadcasting in the area in which I live . I thought I might take opportunity of the chance to continue to scrutinize them once in a while . I can usually receive them for an hour or so occasionally . I've included the other well known demonic signals Mr. Davis made during this talk at Liberty . They are ; El Diablo ( the devil hand ), the overhead witches' pyramid , the two finger point to the temples , and Billy Graham's Mummy's Ghost .   

 Though I'm sure Jesus enjoyed the life on earth his Father gave him , and that he more than likel;y laughed heartily with his disciples at times , I doubt that any humor was inferred while reading the Word of God as this man does . Jesus' mission was to save souls from hell . There is nothing humorous about that . Jesus said that foolish talking and jesting were not convenient , ( appropriate ) . I doubt that John the Baptist or Jesus or his disciples tried to win converts by jesting . His obvious goodness and wisdom attracted those who would believe and follow him .

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