Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Enlightenment , The Age of Reason ?

Satan used this 17th century scheme to supplant the tiny remnant of true Christianity in the world with socialism's oft used platform of establishing a revolutionary " new way " of understanding the meaning of life through " scientific" thought . This " new thought " tested God's handiwork through " the light of evidence . " But what evidence ? God's word ? No ! Satan's revised manifesto of the enticing words of man's wisdom apart from Christ , thus lending ungodly credibility to the critical thoughts of these scientific geniuses .

 Some of America's Masonic progressive critically thinking forefathers were Bacon , Spinoza , Locke , Voltaire , Newton and Paine . Their ability to think critically was so profound they were able to criticize God himself , deeming men like themselves to be " masters " who would promote socialism's " greatest happiness for the greatest numbers " , brainwashing the world into believing that " we are all in this together . " What  "this" ? Obedience to Christ so that we may enjoy him forever ? Obviously not .

That " common good " is Nebuchadnezzar's Masonic dream of again metamorphizing into a global golden headed temple. Man's critical new duty will not be the Biblical fearing of God and keeping his commandments , ( i.e. obeying Christ ).

Immanuel Kant described Masonry's " Mighty Light of Enlightenment , " covertly espoused by the Trinity Broadcasting network , as freedom to use one's own intelligence . That metaphysical manipulation deceived the world into thinking that men of his self- proclaimed superior intellect , were just that ; superior . And even , as the Talmudists , superior to God . Now men could be enlightened and enabled to think much more deeply in a revolutionary critical new way , as long as they reach the same godless conclusions and philosophy .Men like him promoted reasonable religious tolerance ; such as was reasonably practiced  for forty years by the church in the wilderness . Though God pleaded  for men to reason together with himself , those enlightened critical thinkers , ( whose carcasses fell in the wilderness ), provoked themselves to the confusion of their own faces whose understanding was darkened by being alienated from the life of God , through the ignorance that was in them , because of the blindness of their heart .

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