Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Liberty University : Satan casting out Satan

Satan's Pentecostal potion poisoned the minds of the unwary long before the occult phenomenon on Azusa street . Having heard endless heresies stream from the mouths of full gospel " believers " at Liberty U. , and having posted many blogs with their pictures clearly displaying the middle finger , the horned hand and many Wiccan/Masonic signals , Liberty's occultism is clear to me . In Liberty University's ONLINE advertisement regarding Jennifer LeClaire , news editor of Charisma magazine , " Jezebel's Word Curses " , Jennifer misses several major points regarding spiritual warfare . She may not understand that Satan cannot cast out Satan , as Jesus said . The charismatic movement , publicly endorsed by Billy Graham ,( as posted on my YouTube) , has been Satan's major spiritual deception by which he seduced most of the world into believing that the real gospel , is the demonic full gospel , Pentecostalism .

Jennifer says , " the Spirit of God is against witchcraft in whatever form it takes " and that " If you are inadvertently -or purposely - releasing witchcraft over people with the words of your mouth , repent and get your mouth back in line with the Spirit of God . "  Maybe Jennifer has never noticed any of the obvious witchcraft signals given regularly at Liberty University . On the net, in her " Plumbline " piece , " Why Are So Many Christians Practicing Witchcraft ? " , she says " witchcraft is not always so mysterious , and that " far more Christians are experts at sorcery than you may realize ." She says she sees it as rebellion and suggests finding its roots in one's life and ripping it out ." This is exactly what those who have been deceived by the devil when they were coerced to speak in " tongues " , need to do . Biblically labeled as insignificant by the apostle Paul who spoke in tongues more than anyone else in his time , today's tongues are nothing more than occult practice . And she is right , far more Christians are experts at sorcery than you realize . The charismatics exemplify witchcraft in the churches today . The new testament warns of that .

The Kaballah , ( upon which Masonry is based ) , promotes the use of Psalms as a form of Theurgy . Psalms and Bible verses are chanted by witches in churches to produce specific results for specific desires . The Shema of Deuteronomy 6:4 is spoken by witches . David Jeremiah's oft used name for God ," the Almighty ", is the Jewish word " Sheddai ", and is used by witches . There is a Satanic reason behind the use of numerous Jewish names for God used by preachers more recently , as the Kabbalists continue to imbue churches with all things Jewish . Kabbalists also practice the demonic " Birkhat Kohanim " I have blogged about . This is the witches' pyramid that Billy Graham made regularly, as I posted on several of my blogs . TBN deceivers continue today to spread their hands forward as they form this witches' pyramid and cast curses upon their audience . This priestly " blessing " is actually a curse and is used for protection against David Jeremiah's " Evil Eye " of Horus . Most TBN's guests and false preachers cannot speak without moving both hands simultaneously , rapidly , and constantly . Hand signals given with the early ungodly Jewish unwritten "oral law " , a Pharisaical Satanic addition to the written law ,( long ago supplanted by the Jewish Talmud ), are endless in TBN programs . Though the truth is often quoted , truth mixed with error results in error that is not in line with Jennifer's " Spirit of God ." And the infamously heretical Dallas Seminary says in its BookReviews online that no one doubts the Talmud's benefit and relevance , lauding Jacob Neusner's " The Babylonian Talmud " , 2007 . The church has been hijacked by the Talmud and Kaballah which is the basis of Masonry .

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