Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Yes, Mr. McKay , the common man killed Jesus

On one of Jewish Voices ' episodes guest Bill McKay misled people when he stated that it was not " the common folk of Israel that killed Jesus " . The second book of Acts said it was . Peter was speaking to the common man of Israel when men were confounded when Jews in Jerusalem clearly spoke the languages of men of different nations who were told the gospel . In verses 22 and 23  Peter was speaking to " men of Israel " whom he accused took Jesus by wicked hands and crucified him . In Acts 2 :36 he emphasizes that point . Their response was the query , " what shall we do . " The Pharisees would not have asked that question for they still hated Jesus and his followers . And the Pharisees , for the most part , would never have gladly received Peter's words and have been baptized as verse 41 indicates . When Peter raised the lame man up in Acts 3 :7 " all the people saw him walking and praising God " , ( Acts 3:9 ) . In Romans 3:11 " all the people " ran while wondering about the miracle at Solomon's porch . Peter answered " the people " whom he referred to as those who delivered Jesus in the presence of Pilate when he was determined to let him go . It was " the people " , as well as the Pharisees , who denied the Holy One and the Just and desired a murderer in Jesus' place . In Acts 3:17 Peter was not talking to the Jewish rulers , but to the common man when he said ; " And now brethren , I wist not that through ignorance ye did it , as did your rulers . "  When Pilate tried to stop the Jews from killing Jesus , then answered " all the people " who replied , " his blood be on us and on our children ." And certain men of the synagogue of the Libertines stirred up " the people " and the elders and the scribes who caused Stephen's death . Acts 4:27,28 says ; " For of a truth against thy holy anointed child Jesus , whom thou hast anointed , both Herod and Pontius Pilate , with the Gentiles , and " the people " of Israel were gathered together , for to do whatsoever thy hand and thy counsel determined before to be done ." And Acts 13 :27 again specifies " the people " , saying ; " For they that dwell at Jerusalem and their rulers , because they knew him not , nor yet the voices of the prophets , which are read every Sabbath day , they have fulfilled in condemning him . The strata of society inferred here , other than the rulers , is the common man , " they that dwell at Jerusalem ." Also in the book of Acts Psalm 2 is quoted which states ; " Why do the heathen rage , and the people imagine a vain thing . " In my YouTube " McKay deception " ,  you can hear Mr. McKay say , " it was not the common folk of Israel that killed Jesus ."  He also declared that Jesus was a " rock star . " He is wrong on both counts . And an irrelevant caveat to this is that Pete Seeger ,( America's favorite commie ) , was called the pied piper of " The Peoples " music . Communism continues its use of  the phrase " the people " in its publication " Peoples World . " And of course it is  " the people " who rule in " The Peoples Republic of China . " Under the socialist formed " Earth Constitution " , another communist metaphor for " the people " is seen in its line , " We, citizens of the world . " Communism , surely has fooled some of  " the people " , some of the time .

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