Monday, June 30, 2014

" If my people "...whose people ?

During one of my fairly recent rare TBN receptions I watched the Crouches query best selling author , rabbi Jonathan Cahn , warn of America's doom unless it repents , inferring that America was a Christian nation . The Supreme Court incorrectly declared America to have been a Christian nation long ago . A major premise of my early blogs provides quotes of the founding fathers , as well as historical documentation , that Talmudic socialism was , and still is , America's god . In my blog , " A Novel , chapter 3 : Faithful reveals the work of the unfaithful " , I detail Satan's historic eras of socialist utopias from Nimrod to America's Christian Socialist Edward Bellamy's subversion of the U.S.A. in the 1880's . America's very foundation was that of the work of Talmudic Masonry . In my blog , " David Barton : An American Christian Impostor " , I reveal David Barton's preference for Masonic influence in fledgling America , as well as his reluctance to expose the Masonic /Universalist premises upon which it was based . America's foundation was only a perversion of Christianity , as is similarly the work of the Trinity Broadcasting Network which continues to promote its perversion of Christianity . In my blog , " Some of David Barton's witches' pyramids and horned hands with Andrew Wommack ", Mr. Barton's demonic signals are clear . My blog , " George Washington the Mason " contains credible historic proof of Washington's own demonic beliefs and his association with Masonry . As Masonry continued to progressively dominate America , so did Mr. Bellamy's Christian socialism , ( communism ) . In my blogs about communism I quoted the communist Beria whose psychopolitical goals were to produce Masonry's " chaos " using American courts , judges , and the U.S. Constitution to further communism's ends . Mr. Beria had stated that communists must work until religious groups are viewed as enemies , slandering them  with " personal defamations , wild lies , false evidences and constant propaganda . " TBN 's absurdity has helped to accomplish that goal , making the unbiblical charismatic movement the supreme crown of Christianity , as is the Talmud the supreme crown of Judaism . TBN has rightly associated itself with co-Mason Alice Bailey's beloved United Nations .

Of course modern communism , which controls over 50% of the world , would never have aided in the promotion of Pentecostalism's false tongue-speaking , or the promotion of the ungodly dominant TBN ministry . In my blog , " The Pharisees Still In Control Today " , I expose the work of the Talmudic Pharisees who developed Communism up to the point today wherein they have seduced China into promotion of their Talmud in all walks of Chinese life .

TBN , ( Theosophy's Baphomet Network ) , constantly promotes Talmudism through deceived , (or planted ), charismatic rabbis such as Jonathan Cahn . Some of my blogs of him on the net forming the witches' pyramid may still be viewable . His Israel is the only nation on earth which could correctly claim to have at one time been God's people . Countless men like him have quoted 2nd Chronicles 7:14 which states ; " If my people which are called by my name , shall humble themselves and pray , and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways , the will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin , and will heal their land . " For decades the TBN harbor of harbingers like him have been warning of America's impending godly judgment . The problem is , that this nation never was a Christian nation . The true believers here discern the machinations of Talmudic communism , apparent in the TBN network , whether intentionally incorporated or not .
The cold war was only a Masonic/communist guise feigning worldwide nuclear destruction. Mr. Khruschev admitted that in his book , " Conquest Without War ." Communists further empowered themselves capturing the entire world by psychopoitical ploy , controlling their United Nations and all the world's churches now largely manipulated through TBN influence .
Another harbinger , Dick Cheney, had said after the 911 attack ; " I think there will be another attack , and next time it's likely to be deadlier than the last one " , inferring the use of a nuclear device . Many others suspected that before him . If that occurs , and he almost predicted it with certainty , Talmudists would further exploit their groundwork of Noahide law , and their Talmudic star of David on congressional seats  would appear to shine more brightly for them . The net's author of " America Under the Talmud " , whom I refuted on a blog earlier , might also celebrate , even as those who send gifts to each other when the two witnesses are decapitated in Jerusalem by a Jewish antichrist .
And the Ancient Order Primitive Imperial Council of Twelve which requires communism's total allegiance to a Satanic 1613 Nation Masonic Order may join in that celebration . They require a different kind of intensive Masonic/communist training that is " very difficult " and not " for everyone . " It employs the use of communist code words such as " grassroots activism " and it cautions that its members " must be prepared for the heat " that their light will generate . " Twentieth century communists were coerced to sacrifice their souls for the cause of communism . Their Magus Masonica emulates that requirement of total sacrifice to the cause .
I can't quote the 1960 Encyclopedia Britannica enough regarding communism's religious expectations . It states this regarding communism's expectation of victory ; " victory ,according to communist doctrine , held with the fervor of religious messianic expectations , would create a world of one faith and one leadership which would assure the peace and security for the Soviet Union and the certainty of salvation for the whole of mankind . " This is nothing less than the documented expectations of Talmudism . Revelation 11:8 reveals that Christ's two witnesses , one of whom will be Elijah according to Malichi 4:5  , will be killed by the antichrist in Jerusalem ; " And their dead bodies will lie in the street of that great city , which spiritually is called Sodom and Gomorrah , where also our Lord was crucified . " God likens Jerusalem to Sodom and Gomorrah . A study of the Talmud indicates why . Talmudists rejected the first Messiah and expect to see another one . This will be the United Nations' coming cosmic Christ for whom the world's witches , in ( Masonic ) triangles of three, are praying to deliver them .

In my blog "George Washington the Mason" I incorrectly referred to David Jeremiah at the beginning . I should have used David Barton's name . I apologize for the mistake .

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