Monday, August 11, 2014

Jack Graham exhibits no fear of God , again

Several times Jack Graham has exhibited the same simultaneous double middle finger to the head gestures as given by Billy Graham and David Jeremiah and other TBN personalities . I have displayed the portions of some sermons in which these were displayed on my blogs and on my YouTube channel . In his sermon , " Unchained - Breaking Free From Fear " appearing on television 8/10/14 , Mr. Graham clearly twice makes the same obscene gesture he has made before . These are the words that precede the first rebellious signal ; " As a man thinks in his heart , we think in our hearts , so are we . So , the way I think determines what I am . So, God wants to give you a clear head , a clear mind , not a lot of loose ends ... " . Men such as Billy Graham and himself often give seemingly fitting and applicable instructions but their actions betray them . Their works betray them . They say and do not . One logical explanation for their endless display of signals proven to be Masonic may be that their Talmudic handlers trained them to think they are challenging the devil by displaying their impudence with middle fingers and El Diablos , telling the devil to go back to hell .
That is another meaning for the devil sign , " go to hell ."  The witches' pyramids they all form may well be encouragement long ago given by Talmudic handlers to promote the Birkhat Kohanim curse which they were probably taught was a traditional Jewish blessing . The Jews were forced to build the pyramids and they hated being captives in Egypt . Why would they promote the image of the pyramid formed with their own hands ? And why has it been a standard course of conduct for preachers to do it ?

When Romans 8:28 , ( in the depraved New King James Version ), is placed on the screen , after Mr. Graham says the word " purpose " quoting that verse , he again puts both middle fingers to his forehead . If these men aren't making these Satanic gestures willingly , thinking they are challenging the devil , a deeper Satanic involvement must be concluded .  And , as I had mentioned previously , it is fascinating that as these men make these demonic gestures , the camera just happens to zoom in for a close-up shot . A few of his previous middle fingers are on my YouTube's ; " Jack Graham middle finger " , and " Jack Graham , typical middle finger gesture ." Billy Graham's and David Jeremiah's similar gestures are also on my Youtube . I do this work in defense of Christ , hoping to warn the unaware of the danger they are in following deceivers like these . And Jack Graham said in this sermon that the devil cannot know your thoughts . John Bunyan and millions of other Christians would differ with him .


  1. So many have fallen under the deception of wicked men, just pray and you will be saved, accetp their jesus as your "personal savior" who couldn't careless if you repent just give a little lip service and you are save no matter what you believe you will be saved. They remove "repent and believe" from their gospel and that it does not matter which bible you read they are all the same. Revelation 22:18-19 saith otherwise.

    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!

  2. Every time I turn on my computer to listen to a sermon or read some Biblical messages, there is always someone throwing stones at someone else. There is not a single known preacher, that someone does not have something ugly to say about. I know Jesus Christ and the works that He did for me on the cross. I have the desire to follow Him and I have listened repeatedly to many of the preachers that so many judge harshly. I do not care for Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, or Joel Osteen, but I think it is a far reach to accuse someone of serving the devil simply by judging your interpretation of a hand gesture. If I listened to every nut who is putting down a preacher, there would be no preachers fit to listen to.