Monday, November 17, 2014

James Merritt didn't dig deep enough

In his 11/16/14 sermon , " Digging Deeper " Dr. Merritt continues to display Kabbalism's  reference to the oral law as he digs an open grave for those who have not yet discerned the untrustworthiness of the heretical Bible versions spawned by the 1861 Westcott/Hort Bible . He says his doctoral thesis was based upon his sermon which reveals the validity of the book of Luke . Dr. Merritt is not a stupid man and I expect that the documentation for his thesis is well founded . His work seems impressive . The downside of his presentation is the unspoken inference that all Bibles are now trustworthy . He did not point out the long accepted worthiness of the King James Bible , nor did he hint at the changes made after it . By not doing those things he failed to dig deep enough so that men may find the truth in a trustworthy source , but may accept the errors contained in Bibles printed after it . The downside of his incessant demonic signaling is obvious to those of us who have to some degree studied Kabbailstic witchcraft used in Masonry . When TBN associates , such as himself , hold up a Bible with seeming reverence you do not know which version they are promoting . Almost all of TBN's plethora of preachers have quoted the occult New King James version of the Bible .

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